As a man, you have lots of other things to do…

Yes, of course you’d like more girls to fall for you…

More love. More sex.

But keeping up with all the advice is overwhelming. Let alone trying to implement it.

So can we keep it simple?

Let’s have a look…

Why would any woman say no to having sex with you in the first place?

A real man who knows his way around girls will entice them—by sparking off an instant sexual desire in the girl causing her to want him back too.

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A Man’s Most Important Tip On Landing Women In Bed

You know that women are complex, right?

You know they play hard to get and yet still get easily seduced, right?

And you know that when you waste time in taking action, you present them with a chance to change their minds and they reject your moves.

They shun you straight up! They fall your hand!

That’s why you need to remove all hesitations and take action.
Your attention should be focused on your target girl with no room for second thoughts.


Women draw up mental conclusions concerning a man in milliseconds on meeting the man for the first time.

It’s either they find you attractive enough to want to lash you or they place you on a spot close to the Friend Zone. All this is done in response to whatever vibe they get from you.

To get women to mentally view you as lashable, you need to hold their attention. Remove all hesitation and send a sexual connoted message across. The reason you have to do this is to spark off a subconscious sexual desire in her.

Now, how do you this?


Starting this way defines your moves automatically because men are natural planners. That explains how we can set goals and achieve them.
Being cool and polite is great. But not for getting instant lash sex. Be manly. Start your conversation light but throw in a joke or two including a sensual connoted word/expression.

For instance, hold her gaze as you walk up to her and say something like, “my friends over there (point to your friends) think you’re hot but they don’t seem to have enough balls to walk up to you and say it.”

Or, “Hello dear, I have never done this before but I couldn’t help it. How do you get to look this sexy/good? I’d like my sister to have the kinda shape you do.”

You may think this is too direct but a busy man has needs that should be met every once in a while. That’s why you should pass your message marred with lots of sexual connotations.

If you can’t visualize her in your bed you will go off plan and lose sight of what your intentions were—sex. Visualize it and be focused.


Even if you have intentions of marrying her, you still need to seduce and make her fall for you. Fate has nothing to do with it.

An abundance of free women are available to the world. The internet/nairaland is overflowing with women. Your street is full of single women. But why would women give up their precious time to give you instant lash in the first place?


Step into the mind of your target
Give her a reason to want you sexually
Consider what obstacles will stop her from dropping her pants and how you can counter that obstacle?

As a man, you tend to focus on what you want (sex) rather than on what the girl will benefit from giving you that booty (you). This is the biggest mistake you can make when trying to land women.

Even the great Giovanni Cassanova attributed his success in life to his ability to concentrate on a single goal and push at it until it yielded. He gave himself away to his target woman.

Your target girl is not interested in how horny you are or how long it has been since you had sex last.

Women need to have a reason (sexual/emotional) before they consider showing you some love.

What’s in it for them? Why would she lash you?

So, how do you get her to reason with you? How do you avoid this most common mistake?

Follow these 3 simple steps to landing that booty this night:

STEP ONE: create a list of benefits. Yes. If you can’t find at least 2 good reasons why any girl would want to lash you apart from the fact that you’re horny, then you’re not worth having her in the first place. Why would she lash you? Think about it.

STEP TWO: get a plan of how to overcome any obstacle she will raise. What might stop women from lashing you tonight? Think about all the possible excuses and come up with a counter reply.

STEP THREE: use your most striking benefit first. Then other less engaging ones will come later.

Okay. Let’s not make life too difficult…

If you’re funny/rich (it’s your most striking feature), go ahead and make her laugh her ribs off or show her you have the money (subtly though) while passing your sexual-connoted messages.

That is a benefit for her.
You should let her know you desire her while letting her that you’re funny/rich too.

Women crave for attention and protection. Making her laugh is attention and your riches is protection. Why do you think guys with a hot swag get girl?

A busy man knows that the more he talks, the sooner the girl gets bored. Same thing Charles Nneji said in his book “be funny with each girl but know when to cut down to the chase.”

If you suspect she’ll give you an excuse (which is normal) then plan a reply before-hand. She says she has a boyfriend, tell her you’re not looking for a girlfriend but someone lovely to spend time with as you find it depressing staying all alone in your lounge.

NOTE: you let her know she’s desirable while giving her a benefit—you stay in a lounge (riches a.k.a protection)

For instance, I met this girl at a restaurant once. Went straight to her once I got her gaze, smiled, cracked a joke about how well she eats draw soup, asked her name, insisted to pay for her meal, took her number, made an attempt to leave, returned and told her what an incredible body she has. I called her up the next day. We dined and we lashed.

Let’s look over my steps again.
I didn’t hesitate. I gave her a reason to want me (benefit) by paying for her meal. Was direct in asking for her number. Came back to cause a sexual spark in her by complimenting her body (sexual-connotation). The rest is history.

3 Easy Simple Steps—don’t hesitate; be funny and spark a desire.

When you start, keep it simple. Make your move as quick as possible or she would sense your fear and friend zone you even before you say Hello. Start with one girl. Then build on your success.

P.S: Treat your target women like people. Online dating coaches may tell you to be arrogant and take no bull crap.

But don’t forget these women are people. They are not robots.
Be yourself, interact with her like you would with a guy. It takes off the tension.

Be quick with your moves. Don’t hide the benefits you have to offer too.
Seduce her and get her into your bed.

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