Simple Ways Of Being Romantic This Christmas Season

Today, I’m going to talk about one thing we seem to have been missing out—ROMANCE.

Now, I don’t mean the type of romance you do in bed with your woman.
I mean how to be really romantic.

This is the Xmas season and if you want your woman to really fall in love with you again then you have to be romantic with her ALWAYS.

Romance, love and sex are the 3 ingredients needed to make any relationship last.

It’s not okay to complain every day that your woman is no longer exciting as before.

Let me ask you one question, how many times have you ever done something really nice and lovely for your woman apart from giving her money for food and upkeep which is not even romantic?

Abi Or do you just complain everyday?

I will list out very little things that may not even cost you much money to do which will make your woman fall in love with you all over again.

  • Cook for her. It sounds funny, right? But trust me, it is very romantic. Even if you don’t know how to cook. At least you can make Indomie noodles & egg. The food doesn’t have to be delicious.
    Even if it is burnt or even if you tried to prepare ‘draw’ soup and it doesn’t draw when you finished cooking.

    She will be happy that you even thought about it. If you have kids, they will love seeing you in the kitchen too. Just try not to burn down the house.

    Now, your woman may suggest to take the cooking from you. Do not let her. You may let her help you but do not let her do the cooking.

  • WRITE HER A LOVE LETTER. This one is my personal best. It works all the time. Buy a small envelope, tear out a sheet of paper and write her a love letter.

    Do it the old school style. Start with ‘Ditto’. Say something old school and cliche like, “I hope you are swimming in an ocean of good health.” Lol. Tell her lovely things, like how your heart skips a beat when you see her and all that. Just write it as if you’re still chyking/toasting wooing her.

    Now, spray a little perfume on it and put it in the envelope. Place the letter in a place where you are sure she will see it. You may also ask her to reply you.

    This will make her feel so loved and the humor behind is lovely too.

  • TAKE HER OUT. Ask her to dress up. Tell her you want to take her outing. If you can, do not come with the kids and do not invite your friends. Just you and her. Please for once, do not take her to a beer parlor. Take her somewhere cool and quiet. Sit with her, talk and hold hands.
  • DANCE WITH HER. I didn’t say go clubbing. I said dance. Just the two of you in the room. If it’s a slow song, you can do that kinda oyibo foreign dance where you hold her and move from side to side (waltz).

    She may be shy and say no or may say yes. Better to do this after you have cooked for her and she may give you a chance.

  • GIVE HER GOOD ACTION IN BED. If you have gotten my eBook but haven’t read it, what are you waiting for? During the Saturday night group chat I had with the ladies, you won’t believe how many women are disappointed with the SEX their MEN give them.

    Making love is not all about thrusting in and out. It is a skill that needs to be perfected. Most women have never had an ORGASM before during sex. Read the eBook and practice it too.

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  • IMG-20151204-WA003

    There are many ways of being romantic that won’t cost you a kobo. Always hold her hands in public. It works like magic! Even if the both of you just had a fight/disagreement, holding hands is like saying “I’m sorry and I still care.”

    Be romantic. Be loving. Be understanding and make skillful love.

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