My Top 30 Romantic Songs To Always Get Her In The ‘Mood’ For A Hot Bedroom Sex

By the time you are done reading this article one thing is sure—you would be able to make any woman wet with just the kinda music you have playing on your stereo anytime, any day.

Sex can be tricky and could become boring with the same woman over the years.

If your woman has ever said any of these words to you in bed: “Honey, not this night, I have a headache,” “Have you come yet?” or “Honey, the sex was okay” then you need to upgrade your bedroom skills.

If getting a woman to initiate sex has always been a problem for you then chances are that you don’t create enough desire in her mind when you are with her or when you have sex with her.

Women need to feel loved and wanted not only in the bedroom but also outside of the bedroom. So, it is very important you avoid the tragedy of making sex with your woman boring by doing the same thing over and over.

If you want any woman to be so addicted to you and your love-making that she get wet just thinking about you then you have to stop being an old-fashioned boring guy in bed.

You have to learn how to turn a woman on in less than 5 minutes without even having to touch her body.

You have to learn how to stimulate a woman’s mind that in such a way that you make her cum easily and violently when the sex starts proper.

You have to learn to be a master in the bedroom, bro.

Here are the first rules to selecting the best romantic songs that will turn your woman on every time….

  • 1. You should have the right playlists pre-selected before-hand. Do not leave this to chance.
  • 2. Avoid rap songs, rock, heavy metal and any other crazy music genre you play when the boys come visiting.
  • 3. You should have the night planned out too. Maybe a romantic diner, a warm massage or you could volunteer to prepare her diner yourself with a bottle of red wine or sparkling wine. Wine makes women horny and playful.

Now, we all know how hot Olamide’s track Eyan Mayweather is and we all have mad love for Phyno’s rap style. But when it comes to getting a woman in a hot sexy mood, then you should opt for something softer, slow and lyrically sexy.

Below are a selection of my very best handpicked sexy tracks that will make any woman melt like butter in the bedroom.

Ready… okay.

    1. Confessions by Tuface

    2. Temptation by P-square

    3. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

    4. You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

    5. Angel Of My Life by Paul Play

    6. Pills and Portion by Nicki Minaj

    7. Get On Your Knees by Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande

    8. The Hills by The Weeknd

    9. Romantic by Koredo Bello

    10. Good Kisser by Usher

    11. My Boo by Usher

    12. Love Truly by Iyanya

    13. This Time by John Legend

    14. All Of Me by John Legend

    15. You & I by One Direction

    16. Where You Belong by The Weeknd

    17. Sade by Adekunle Gold

    18. Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie

    19. Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

    20. Drunk by Ed Sheeran

    21. The One That Never Came by Asa

    22. Iris by Googoo dolls

    23. Slow Wind by R-kelly

    24. Not The Girl by Djinee

    25. Dance In The Rain by Tuface

    26. I Miss You Die by P-square

    27. Say Something by A Whole New World

    28. Thank You by Dido

    29. My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

    30. Fe Mi by Brymo

These are my top 30 favorites anytime, any day.
But your choice of selection mustn’t be restricted to just these. Be free to add a few of your choice music to the list and create an amazing sexy playlist.
If you can, download The Weeknd’s album Triology

When you set the mood right with the music and you touch your woman’s body like it’s the holiest thing in the world she will have extreme orgasms and a fulfilling sexual experience with you.

The reason slow sexy music is necessary is that women pay more attention to words than men. Hence, she imagines the lyrics of the songs you play as actual words coming from you to her.

Women are more imaginative and use more words than men. So, playing very hot songs will stimulate her brain and prepare her for your rampaging in the bedroom.

This is also one of the reasons why I urge my readers to learn the act of dirty talk during sex.

Majority of the women I know have confessed to the fact that it was when their men talked dirty to them during sex that their orgasms came quicker.

So, during the pauses in-between tracks, all you have to do is use any line from the previous song and repeat them to her in a low deep sexy tone (that is, if you were able to let your focus shift away from her boobs for a second)

Yea. Yea. I know it always feels weird talking or saying things like,
“Baby, you are my African queen and I can’t breathe without you” or
“Baby, you’re the fire that burns up my soul” to your woman during sex.
You would rather focus on all the squeezing and thrusting than talk.

But if you want your woman to always have incredible mind-blowing moments every time you pull off her panties then you have to make love to her mind too.
You have to do this by learning the act of dirty talking.

The right music will do that for you…
The right music will screw her mind while you do her body…
The right music will melt her…

5 thoughts on “My Top 30 Romantic Songs To Always Get Her In The ‘Mood’ For A Hot Bedroom Sex”

  1. Hate What You Do To Me by Tuface is awesomeeeeee when played in bed by my man. There are a thousand and one good songs to choose from.
    It’s something else having a nice song playing on the background when receiving some good loving. Lol

  2. Let’s get it on-marvin gaye
    Sexual healin-marvingaye
    Touch my body-mariah carey
    Orgasm-barry white(tell her d title of d song)
    Gorilla-bruno mars
    D way u are-bruno mars
    This luv-donnel jones
    U n I-john legend
    Tonight -john legend
    Right here-tu face
    Ololufe-wande coal
    What a feelin-beautiful nubia(if she codes yoruba)
    Nice n slow-usher
    When ur mad-neyo
    I’ll make love to you -boys2men
    Saving all my love -whitney houston


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