How to Use The Last Long Cream

The one in a white tube and that small bottle does the same work.
It is helps u last longer in bed anytime you apply it.

We added that one in a small bottle just in case the one in a white tube does not work for u.

You know people's skin type are different. And if u have a thick skin, or if the white tube doesn't work then u should try the one in a small

  • Just collect a little amount using your fingertips and rub it along the length of your penis as if u are rubbing Vaseline.
  • Massage it for a few seconds...
    Then wash it off after 30 to 45 minutes before sex.
  • After washing it off, do not wait for too long again before meeting your woman.

You will either use the one in the white tube or the one in the small bottle

But the one in a small bottle will give u a hot feeling after u apply it. And u should apply very little of it.

That's how it works

The pink one is the elastic rubber Cock Ring.

The ring is for people whose erection falls down during sex.

This ring is worn around the penis when it is erect.
It reduces the rate blood flows out of your erect penis hence making it stay up and Strong.

You can switch on the vibration button for increase pleasure

How to wear a cock ring
how to wear a cock ring. Step 2

how to wear a cock ring. Step 2

The Lubricant

This is a special type of oil that u use if your woman is dry or if she is complaining of pains during sex.

It's for easy penetration.

You can apply it on your penis. And if u use a condom just apply it on top of the condom for lubrication.