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Frequently Asked Question:

“Why Are So Many Men Struggling with Decreased Sex-Drive, Weak Erections, Poor Staying Power… …and Releasing very Little Ejaculations that Barely Make It Out of The Tip of Their Dicks?”


Most men DO NOT have high reserves of sexual energy...
That's the reason why so many guys are struggling with frustrating, embarrassing and downright humiliating 'sexual performance issues' including:

  • Impotence
  • Losing erections mid-way through sex
  • Cumming way too quick during sex
  • The inability to orgasm

And, of course…

  • Little tiny loads that cause a woman to think: “Did he even finish so quick?!”

Next Question:
“What exactly is causing men to have LOW reserves of Sexual Energy?”


  • Eating junk foods
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Being too stressed
  • Taking stimulants (coffee, green tea, sports and energy drinks)
  • Taking drugs and pills (recreational, over-the-counter and prescription)
  • Not enough sleep (or poor quality sleep)
  • Over-exercising
  • De-hydration

The worse is this:
Even if you start doing all the right things – such as eating well, drinking less alcohol, de-stressing and so on…
It can take weeks, months and even YEARS to replenish your sexual energy reserves

Next Question:

“Is the MEJ healthy for everyone?”


As with all foods, I’ll advice you to speak with a dietician or doctor especially if you are diabetic”

Then again, there is no better time to start a good thing than now.
The Massive Erection Juice Formula will NATURALLY reverse all causes of P.E if you take it religiously.

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  • The biggest, baddest, hardest erections of your life (we’re talking boners like a baseball bat – hard and strong… the kind that have women desperate to feel you inside them)
  • Long Lasting Man-Power (so you can last 30 minutes or more every single time – and give your woman multiple orgasms during intercourse… something that’s guaranteed to make her ADDICTED to you in bed)
  • Huge thick plastering volumes of ejaculations (the kind of massive cum shots that’ll have your woman bragging to her girlfriends about what a STUD you are in bed)
  • More pleasurable and intense ejaculations (prepare for a feeling better than any recreational drugs could ever give you… every time you ‘shoot your wad’)

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