The perfect easy step by step guide on how to last long in bed NATURALLY...

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In less than 10 minutes after reading this, you must have learnt everything you need to know about overcoming premature ejaculation (P.E) and how to last longer than a BULL in bed!

Listen carefully bro, I don’t care how bad your situation is…

I don’t care how big or small your dick is…
I don’t care how old you are…
Seriously, I don’t even care if you last 2 minutes in bed or if you can't get an erection hard enough for intercourse.

One thing is certain, after going through my program you will become a transformed MAN.

Now listen carefully, bro, by the time we are done, your sex life will be so transformed that you will be better than most porn stars in bed. In fact, you will be giving out advices to your friends on your new found SECRETS in bed.

Now, this was my case about 3 years ago…

  • I was a 2-minute man in bed. If I went past 2 minutes then it's a miracle.
  • I NEVER lasted longer than 2 minutes in bed.
  • I lost 2 of my girlfriends as a result of this shameful disaster of coming too quick in bed. That was after I noticed they were ALL cheating on me. Well, I never blamed them because I knew it was my fault.
  • I NEVER had control over when I climax during sex.
  • I always ejaculate sometimes during the 4th or 5th thrust.
  • I also masturbated a lot because I was usually lonely at nights with no girlfriend.
  • I even lied to my male friends about how I always lash my girlfriends long and hard but I knew deep down that it was all a BIG LIE.
  • I was a weak man.
  • And it affected my confidence anytime I try to woo any woman. Something at the back of my mind always tells me that she will dump me too if she finds out that I can't last long enough to make her climax in bed
  • In short, I was a SHAME! No stamina, no endurance and to top it all, whenever I had an erection, it was very weak and limp. I had even thought about joining a monastery or becoming celibate just to avoid these embarrassments.

Once more, I don’t know what your case may be like, I don’t know if it is as bad as mine or if it is worse. But if I can change from becoming a ‘2 minute man’ to lasting as long as 30 – 45 minutes NATURALLY in bed then you can do it too.

In fact, my current girlfriend, Chikaa calls me King Brian every time I give it to her in bed.

I'm trying very hard not to make it sound like I'm boasting but who cares?!

If you passed through the disappointments I passed through you would be shouting it from the rooftop with a megaphone.

Now, stay with me…

Listen bro, if you find yourself in any situation like this then you need serious help immediately. There’s no point hiding it. There’s no point wasting hard-earned money on USELESS bitters and pills.

Maybe one or more of these bedroom problems above has hit you or…

  • You always avoid sex because you’re scared you wouldn’t last long enough to satisfy your woman (even though you are attracted to her)
  • You always have to apologize almost every night to your woman for coming too quick
  • Or you release as soon as you start touching and kissing your woman even before intercourse starts
  • Or you last long but you don’t get as HARD as you wish to during sex. And the quality of your erection is not as good as you would love to
  • Or you used to last long but all of a sudden you started realizing you don’t even last up to 4 thrusts as soon as the sex starts…

Then, you really need to pay attention to this…

I have been in all these situations mentioned above. Every single one of them and I know how embarrassing it can be.

You can't even look your woman in the face. It's SHAMEFUL.

Yes, I know how it all feels…
I've been there…

But the GOOD NEWS is that I'm better today than I was three years ago. In fact, I've never felt better in my entire life.

Today, I spend my days teaching fellow men how to have the best time of their lives in the bedroom. I tell you how to have LONG LASTING SEX & how to SATISFY your woman in bed by giving her MAD INTENSE ORGASMS in bed.



After my second girlfriend dumped me, I made up my mind that this had to STOP!

I started my personal research:

  • I took countless pills & bitters—all expensive and useless
  • I met doctors who prescribed more drugs and performed tests which all came out negative
  • I attended classes with various sex-experts
  • I read books and watched countless videos just to learn
  • I trained myself every single day for 3 years
  • I even talked with various sex workers (males and females)
  • I practiced. And practiced. And practiced!
  • It took a looooong time. 3 ½ years.

Eventually, I found the SECRETS

Self-made skills and techniques that work like magic. Secrets I still personally use in becoming ‘King Brian’ in bed.

Now, I did some things which I'm not personally proud of in my quest to become good in bed and I wouldn’t want any man to make the same mistakes as I did. That is the reason I'm doing what I'm doing today—offering you the ready-made solutions…

I will be lying if I told you it was easy. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

The result of all these years of turmoil, troubles and research is what I now present to you in my NEWEST eBook—How to Last Long In Bed.

But before we get into the book, let me take my time in pointing out the usual mistakes MEN make in bed that causes premature ejaculation [P.E] :

  • Focusing too much on their own pleasure instead of that of their woman.
  • Using all the wrong moves in bed. This is one of the biggest mistakes men make. Most men have no idea that certain sex positions will make you not last long in bed. I will teach you which positions to use and which ones to avoid.
  • Eating the foods that kill your sexual stamina. The truth remains that most men eat 100% junk and rubbish. The wrong food will decrease your performance in bed and KILL your erection.

Now, some of these mistakes are so bad that if you continue them, you will not only come quickly in bed, you may become permanently impotent!


We were taught in school how to read, how to write and even how to talk. But no one… no single person has ever sat us down to teach us how to have better sex. So, it’s not really your fault and doctors pump you with expensive pill and bitters.

Now, here’s the good news…

I have taken the time to summarize all of my experiences and knowledge in this eBook in order to save you and so many other men the stress and pains I went through.

I even went through the stress of creating 8 audio MP3 books for you especially if you don’t have the time to read or if your phone screen is too small to read on and you don’t have a laptop.

And one FREE eBook as a BONUS too.

These secrets & tips are easy to read and follow…this amazing program is called How to Last Long in Bed.

By the time you finish this program, you will be able to:

  • Have ABSOULTE control over your body during sex.
  • Change your mind set on sex in other to help you last long.
  • Learn certain strategic sex positions that will extend your duration by a whole 25 – 43 minutes in bed GURANTEED.
  • Sex will not be a process of continuously holding yourself back to avoid another premature splash.
  • You will become a BULL in bed.
  • Your staying power and stamina will be UNSTOPPABLE & UNBEATABLE.
  • Besides, your woman will RESPECT and become ADDICTED to your MASSIVE sex in bed.

Okay, enough of the long story…

I’m a MAN and I believe more in ACTION than words…

So, here’s the deal…

When you make the wise choice to invest in How To Last Long In Bed today before the countdown time runs out, my promise to you is very simple and clear…

  • You will get a huge price DISCOUNT
  • You also get to have the audio mp3 files (the audio book) for FREE and…
  • You will receive my newest eBook Massive Erection Juice Formula for FREE too

Massive Erection Juice Formula REVEALS to you specific fruits, herbs and vegetables that I personally take to enhance not just my erections but give me INSTANT hard-ons anytime I want to…

Now, here are a couple of things to expect when you take this juice everyday using the formulas in the eBook:

  • Build overall health, wellness and boost your immune system (improving the quality of your daily life and potentially helping you to live longer)
  • Give you more ENERGY and increase your PRODUCTIVITY
  • Make your skin, hair and nails look incredible (something women notice and find incredibly attractive in a man. So if you want more sex – this is a very good thing)
  • Cleanse your Liver (particularly important if you drink Alcohol and eat processed food)
  • Improve dental and oral health (let’s face it… women love a guy with a healthy smile. And ‘teeth problems’ – such as tooth ache – are about as fun as a kick in the nuts)
  • Increase your physical STRENGTH (helping you to become a more dominant lover – and making day-to-day tasks much easier and less stressful on your body)

And so much more.

Think about this…

Massive Erection Juice Formula and How To Last Long In Bed will give you:
Steel-hard erections
Marathon staying power
Massive loads…


All the non-sexual benefits listed above…

So, if you want a simple, proven plan that 177 men have tried out and confessed positively about to gain unstoppable lasting power, then you need to get the How To Last Long In Bed Program now.

A little of my chats with some readers below…

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another amazing testimony from a satisfied reader

another amazing testimony from a satisfied reader

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Now, lets be clear on what the offer is…

…and so much more. But you get my point, abi?

This program will BLOW your Sex Life out of your wildest expectations.

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Not just that…

Here’s my Rock-Solid, 110% guarantee
How To Last Long in Bed comes with my 110% satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

It works like this:

If for ANY REASON you aren’t happy with How To Last Long in Bed, just email me at brianike000 [at] gmail [dot] com within 60 days upon purchase and I’ll refund you in full.

No questions asked.
I only want satisfied customers.

But, you’re gonna love the program.

So, how do you get this eBook before the countdown expires?

It’s simple!

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In conclusion, this product is intended only for persons aged 18 and above.
Minors are not permitted to purchase this product.
The product, and all associated bonuses, are intended for personal entertainments purposes and are not to be considered professional medical advice.
You remain 100% responsible for your actions, inside and outside of the bedroom, before and after reading How To last long in bed and all associated bonus material.