How To Know When A Woman Is Faking An Orgasm In Bed And How To Put An End To It

Do you remember the last time you were in bed with your spouse?

Do you remember all the times she screams your name and told you just how good you were in bed?

I bet you even remember how she dug her nails into your back and how she held you tight when you drove her wild in bed?

Well, here’s the bad news, bro…

Research has shown us that more than 70% of women fake their orgasms in bed. That means that if you have been with 10 girls, 7 out of those “go harder baby, I’m almost there…I’m cominnng!” were faked.

If you think that you’re so good in bed that you’ve never witnessed a faked orgasm before then you’re dead wrong, bro.

If you think that every time she screams your name and yells how hard she wants you to go that you are doing her an awesome favor, you may be wrong.

Women are naturally good actors and will do anything possible in bed to make us (men) feel good about our sex abilities.

Now, the problem with this is that we never get to fully satisfy our women sexually just the way they ought to. This may not seem as a problem initially because you don’t even notice it. But with time, she will begin to see sex as just a boring routine and will begin to lose interest in it.

That is the main reason why women come up with a million excuses not to have sex most nights. Excuses like, “Honey, not tonight, I think I have a headache.” Or, “It’s not all about sex, why don’t you just hold me close let’s sleep”

And you go to bed angry and with an erection that will last all through the night especially if you don’t like masturbating.

Now, this is a very sad life! And it can be avoided if only you learn how to detect a fake orgasm and how to put a stop to it.


I mean, SEX IS THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION of love in marriage so why avoid this expression or why fake it in the first place?

Follow me as I reveal the secrets to knowing when a woman truly climaxes during sex…

On an average, a woman takes around 10 minutes to reach an orgasm and it can last longer than 20 seconds, if you know what you’re doing or, if you’ve read my eBook then you should be able to do it in lesser time depending on the woman and your skills.


    1. Firstly, whenever a woman is climaxing she doesn’t speak English. She speaks in unknown tongues. Even if she does speak English, it’s always some distorted misplaced words you can’t make sense of. Or just moans and muffled screams.

    Not full sentences like the type you see on porn videos where the woman shouts things like, “harder…harder…I’m coming!” It’s all acting. So, beware.

    2. She MUST have MUSCLE CONTRACTIONS all over her body and you MUST feel it. What do I mean? Let’s say you’re pleasuring her using your fingers or you are having sex proper, you will feel her vaginal walls contract and relax many times (about 8-12 times) around your fingers or penis. She may try faking this too but it is impossible for her to do this as fast as the real thing.

    For example, hold two of your fingers in your other hand and squeeze those 2 fingers really fast 10 or 12 times. That is what it should feel like.

    She may even vibrate in a spasm slightly especially in the abdomen. My fiancé recoils and holds herself together in a ball whenever she hits a climax. It’s unavoidable.

    Her temperature will be higher than normal, you may not notice this but she will be sweaty and in a sweet mess. You may even notice a thin layer of sweat on her skin.

    These are the three UNAVOIDABLE signs that indicates when your woman has hit a CLIMAX.

Now, whenever she puts on a show for you or fakes it in bed, all you have to do is follow the steps just as I laid it out in my eBook, How To Give Any Woman An Earth-Shattering Orgasm in touching and working her entire body into a HOT SENSUAL frenzy. And watch her lose control!

You could as well tell her that she didn’t have to fake it in bed after sex and watch just how surprised she will be.

Now, remember that most women will never tell you how bad your sex skills are in bed, bro. So, don’t feel like a Champ when she yells all those sugar-coated words to you in bed.

You’ve got to take ABSOULTE CONTROL of the sexual situation in the bedroom with your spouse. Don’t leave it to fate, bro.

Remember, the more she fakes it in bed, the more she loses respect for you as a man because you CANNOT make her feel like a COMPLETE WOMAN!

Now, the ultimate question running through your mind will be…

How do I stop my woman from ever faking an orgasm in bed with me?


You MUST learn how to actually make her ORGASM!


By recognizing signs that she’s faking it and improving on your love-making skills.

Whenever she yells so much in bed that you get distracted or she doesn’t initiate sex or the worse— whenever she gives you countless excuses to avoid sex, then she’s obviously faking it.

Now, not all guys know these signs except for a few who have been trained or for those who receive emails & broadcast messages on WhatsApp from me.

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