In this post, I’m going to be revealing to you the secrets players use in kissing a girl. You can use these secret I’m about to show you, to kiss a girl and get her addicted to your lips – guaranteed.


You can’t continue messing up every chance you have with a girl because the first time you had the opportunity to give her a kiss you flopped it…

Or have you ever found yourself in a situation where you get nervous just as soon as you think about giving her a kiss…

Or you try to give her a kiss and she withdraws and acts cold…

Or worse, after kissing her the next day she starts withdrawing, almost as if the kiss you gave her the previous day had suddenly made her hate you.

This one is epic,

it has happened to almost every guy—you invite her over to your place and you move in for the kiss when you think the time is right, next thing you know, she never comes to your place again…

The problem here is not the girl. The problem is not the way she feels about you. The problem is you! You actually effed up. You messed up big time when she gave you the chance to possess her lips and that cancels any other chance of you getting access to those lips.

Now, pay close attention as I’m going to lay down those secrets…the ones players use in getting girls madly obsessed with their lips.

First thing first…

1. Setting the mood right:

You have to set the mood before going in for a first time kiss. Failure to do so will not only ruin your chances with the girl but earn you a hot slap too.

This is the basic step.

You have to understand that men are attracted by sight and women on the other hand are suckers for words and actions.

You have to learn how to ravish a woman with your words…
You have to sexualize every topic you guys discuss…
You should avoid the temptation of being like every other boring guy…

Avoid talking about banal stuffs like, “what are your hobbies,” “what did you eat yesterday,” “how is your mom,” “how is your dad,” Blah! Blah! Blah!

These are everyday topics and if you’re planning on kissing that girl, you should be able to be more exciting in a sensual manner. You should always use sexual connoted words while talking with her.

Words like: “what do you like in a man.” Touch her as you ask her “no offense, but how did you get to be so soft and feminine with all the hard work you have to put up with at home?” “have you always had this cute smile or did you practice it?” Ask her if she has ever looked at herself in a mirror before, when she ask you why, you tell her, “I would date myself if I were you.”

Use words that spark off the sensual emotions in her because that’s your goal. Be creative with words. Say something like, “no offense, but do you know you have a body any girl would kill for?”

I don’t know if you noticed any change in your mood as you were reading those lines? That is because they were sexually connoted. Now, imagine what these words would do to a woman when you say it to her the right way.

I have this female friend who would never let me touch her. She always shakes my hands and that’s it. She will never let me touch her anywhere else. One day, I asked her why and she told me that I have a way of touching her while talking with her that makes her forget what she’s doing or about to do.
The funny thing is I never even noticed because I grew up with players right from secondary school days, so it was a habit I picked up subconsciously.
This leads us to our next point:

2. Touch her like a pro
: you need to learn how to touch woman in a non-sensual but loving way. I call this NAVIGATING.

What do I mean by that?

Stay with me while I break it down….

Anytime you want to compliment her, for example, when you compliment her hair, you touch her hair…

When you want to compliment her skin tone/complexion, touch her arms…
Look at her in a ravishing way while you touch and compliment her…

Hold her gently by the waist as you usher her through a door…
Gentle and constant touches (in moderation though)

The reason for this is that women are twice as sensitive as men; that explains why whenever a woman is angry she yells and says things like “don’t touch me!”

3. Ravish her with your eyes: there’s a way you look at a woman when talking to her that sets her on fire even if it is the first time you are speaking with her. You need to pass a thousand messages from that single glance you give her. You must caress her with your eyes.

So, when you talk with her, look at her like she’s the last chocolate bar left in the whole world.
Stare at her lips suggestively from time to time when she talks…

You see, women are extremely sensitive and they notice things in a very detailed way…she will definitely notice how much you desire her with the way you look at her and it will register in her subconscious making her act all nice around you.

That’s it. You have to set the mood right by doing all these before going in for the killer kiss, which is the main thing we’re discussing.

There are types of kisses—French Kiss (when you use your tongue), the Quick Kiss and the Peck.

P.S: on no account should you give a girl who you intend to make your girlfriend a peck. She’s not your sister or mum.

Giving her a boring conversation and ending it with a peck is the fastest route to being friend zoned. It’s a direct shortcut and we all know how bad it feels to be in that zone.

The problem with most guys is our ego. We love to see ourselves as the ultimate sex god. We never discuss our sexual problems and that is the root of all other problems.

Look all aroun you and you’ll find out that there are marriage divorces on a daily all around the world. Look at the western world, celebrities are breaking up like no man’s business. This is to tell you that getting a woman addicted to you has little to do with your money. Don’t get me wrong. Success and wealth are essential but it takes more than that to keep a woman addicted to you.
The skills I just revealed to you are for first time kisses and WILL NOT GET THAT GIRL INTO YOUR BEDROOM.

If you really want her to be more than just a friend to you, that’s where my eBook comes in. In it I will show you how to kiss her in a way that will set her body on fire and make her practically beg you to have sex with her. You should learn how to set her ablaze with your lips.

Make sure you don’t go too deep when you go for that first kiss as you wouldn’t want to come across as being needy. Set the mood right, look, touch and kiss her like a gentleman and she’ll never forget your lips in a hurry.

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