How to Have Sex for One Whole Hour! Without Any Difficulty

How to Have Sex for One Whole Hour! Without Any Difficulty

REMEMBER, I reveal very effective secrets on how to add up to 31 minutes to your normal sex duration! These tips have helped over 1,251 readers! Tip number 2 is my personal best!

Right now and right here, I’m going to show you the reason why you don’t last long in bed.

In fact, I can bet every penny in my bank account that you don’t even know these things are destroying your chances of EVER lasting long in bed.

Now, come with me.

Have this ever happened to you?

You finally manage to get a girl into the hot sexual mood, so you two start kissing, it escalates and clothes are flying off and it gets to the time where you “shove it in”, you give her two thrusts and BAM! You ejaculate all over her.

Just couple of minutes after the sex begun.

Now, if this happens to you, here is the hard painful truth…there is a 70% chance that every single girl you have sex with will cheat on you. A whooping 70%! Trust me.

If you don’t fix this premature ejaculation it will ruin every chance you will ever have with women. In fact, premature ejaculation can destroy an entire marriage.

Now here is the reason why you don’t last long in bed.

In Fact there are two main reason why this stuff happens to you. Alright, let’s do it this way. Every single guy who has premature ejaculation usually falls under one of two groups.

One; it’s either your ejaculation is ACQUIRED


Two; your ejaculation is LIFE-LONG

Don’t mind the fancy names. I will explain…
Think back, when did you first notice that you don’t last long in bed? Take a moment to think about it.

If you didn’t last long the very first time you had sex, then you have Life-long premature ejaculation.

But if you have been lasting long a bit at some point and then suddenly you started noticing that you don’t last long any longer (no pun intended), then you have acquired premature ejaculation.

Just for clarity; let’s take that again…

If you’ve been ejaculating prematurely since you were a teenager – you have Life-long premature ejaculation.
If you’ve just recently started noticing you have it then you have the Acquired type.

Each type happens for a different reason. If you have the Lifelong type then chances are that you masturbate a lot and you masturbate expecting to ejaculate very fast, maybe because you probably want to get it over with so no one will see you.

So as you keep masturbating with the mindset of cuming quick, at a point this becomes part of you…
Or, you’ve always noticed that you can’t even make it to the point of penetration…

I had this friend who always comes during the kissing and foreplay and it was so embarrassing to him and his unsatisfied girlfriend.

His case may be as a result of two things—his promiscuous and risky sex-life and/or his unhealthy lifestyle. So, in other words, the solutions for him are medical or a quick change of lifestyle.

I know how coming too quick in bed feels…

I know what it does to your confidence…

I know that feeling when you can’t even look the girl in the face…

I know how weakening it feels when you have to pull out after you come and the girl is still excited waiting for you to go back in…

I know how it feels when you have to give her a stupid excuse of not being in the mood again because you don’t want her to know that you already ejaculated…

Like hell, I know how it feels when she looks at you with this ‘I can’t believe you came this quick’ look on her face…

It’s unfortunate you have to deal with this, I once passed through the same.

But if you stay with me, I’ll give you very simple and effective tricks you can use in lasting longer in bed. All it takes is a bit of effort and your commitment.


If you want to last longer during sex and not take any of those harmful pills and costly sex pills and you aren’t suffering from a medical condition, then these tips will be worth a million naira to you.

By the way, if you feel better with your sexual skills and abilities, you’ll definitely be able to perform better in bed with your partner if you get the eBook How to Give Any Woman an Earth Shattering Orgasm.

Do not allow the ugly head of premature ejaculation ruin your sex life. Rather, learn to control when you come and everything will be just fine.

1. Practice Controlled Masturbation. If you haven’t had sex in a long time, it is more likely that you will come quicker when next you have sex. So, spend a little time with yourself before sex. Pleasure yourself with the aim of controlling when you come.

What exactly do I mean?

Every man knows that there is a sensation he gets during sexually stimulation when he knows that if he gets past this stage then it’s a point of no return.

You know when you’re almost reaching that point where nothing you do will stop you from coming—that is the point of no return.

When you masturbate, I want you to focus on the sensations you get rather than speeding it up in other to get it over with…

Focus on slowing down the speed and taking it at a normal rate…

Alternate between fast and slow…

Continue that way till you get to that point when you know that once you pass, you won’t return, then pause…

Try to take your mind off the porn and think of something else in the room…

Take long deep breaths for the sensation to decrease and start again…

The aim of controlled masturbation is to get yourself accustomed to your ‘points of no return’ and avoid going past it too soon.

2. Use Special Types of Condoms (numbing condoms). This should add 10-15 minutes of extra lash time to your lashing session. It also makes you safer from unwanted pregnancies and STD’s. It may minimize pleasure though but I think it’s worth your ego in bed.

Brands like Rough Ryder (the studded ones), Trojan Extended and Durex Performax will do just that. They are made of thicker latex and a numbing cream is used as the lubricant.

If you have a problem with coming too quick for your liking, then I suggest you always use a condom during sex in other to reduce the sensation which is responsible for your uncontrolled climaxing.

Avoid condoms that are made of thin latex. Try one of the ones I listed above and see which one you prefer.

It’s better to try it on while you masturbate in order to know which one works best for you before the ‘main event’.

3. The Start & Stop Technique a.k.a Edging. This is where all the training and mastery you’ve gotten from your controlled masturbation comes into play.

All you need do is:

    Start having sex
    Keep thrusting slowly until you feel you’re getting to that point of no return
    Take a break by changing positions and caressing her
    Focus on her during the break as you take in deep breaths
    When you are sure the arousal has decreased continue lashing
    Repeat according to how long you wish

Pay attention: if you want to know about this technique or about which sex positions helps in delaying ejaculations, then I highly recommend you to read this.

4. Follow the Count Rhythm. This was practiced by men of the ancient Roman Empire. Have you ever noticed that thrusting too deep and too fast can make you climax faster? Then you have to pay attention to this!

    The 10 count charge: during sex, I want you to focus on 10 thrusts per break. How does this work?

    I need you to thrust in deeply 4 times (in and out) and go in 6 shallow times. Take a three second break (keep count in your mind and talk dirty to her during the break) and repeat the cycle.

    Doing this will automatically take your mind away from the act and help you feel less thereby lasting longer.

    The reduced count. This is the same process as in the 10 Count Charge but this time, I want you to start with 9 deep thrusts and 1 shallow thrust, then reduce it to 8 deep thrusts and 2 shallow thrusts; then go 7 deep and 3 shallow…just like that till you get to 1 deep thrust and 9 shallow thrusts.

    You should adapt this method according to you and your partner’s need.

Pay attention: focusing on the right pattern and counts will redirect your attention to the rhythm and not the sex and will definitely help you last longer.

5. Get help from professionals: apart from this and all other advice I clearly stated in the eBook How To Give Any Woman an Earth Shattering Orgasm, I strongly suggest you seek medical help (not self-medication) if you practiced them all and the situation persists.

    Visit a Doctor/Pharmacist and get yourself checked up.
    If the Doc says you’re alright, then it means you didn’t practice these techniques right. And you still need my guidance.

Please note: A lot of people tell you stuffs about how Penis Enlargement Pressure Pumps work and how taking all sort of pills and Bitters work, well, if you like your health then, I strongly advise you to desist from it.

I have shown a lot more than what is on this article in my books…

I have shown natural remedies which worked for me and 187 other men so far…

If a Doctor says you’re alright, then I can help you become better in bed…
Get my book now before something worse happens to your relationship or life.

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