“There is power in your tongue…to give life and to give death”

So, you’re in bed with your babe, you’ve done all the chyking, spending and it’s time to finally get down to business.

You guys get all hot and steamy in bed and all you can think about is how bad you want to lash her. You can’t hold back anymore…then, she whispers the three most dreaded words in the history of sex—GIVE ME ORAL!

And you have no freaking idea about how to give a woman a good oral sex.
Without thinking twice you go straight to her love-spot and after 5 minutes of doing whatever it is you just did, (probably slurping your saliva-filled tongue here and there) she is not even as half as excited as you think.


And she will NEVER tell you to your face!

Well, I totally understand how you feel, but the girl won’t.
She will think it’s a mistake…if it happens again, then she sees you for who you really are—A FLOP!

The truth is that most women NEVER achieve orgasm through vaginal penetration only.

It’s a known fact!

And Bro, if she doesn’t climax when she has sex with you, then trust me she’s gonna cheat on you sooner or later with another dude who can take her to the highest heights of sexual stimulation—orgasm.

Now, if you’ll give me just 5 minutes of your time, I’m going to drop just two sure-fire ways how you can use your tongue in blowing her mind away in bed even before you start lashing proper! NEVER ASSUME that if she is wet that she is ready to be lashed.

1. THE NAVIGATOR: we’re going to call it that for now. Whenever you get into bed with your babe, and the mood is set for action to start. I want you to always remember that it takes exactly 15 minutes of constant stimulation to get a woman properly stimulated for lashing.

When next you kiss or caress a woman in preparation for sex you should pay attention to all areas of her body. Keep in my mind that the aim of this article is not to get her ready for your rampaging but to give her an out-of-this-world orgasm using your tongue.

START FROM HER FACE; kiss her forehead, her eyelids, taking them one at a time. Trace the line of her nose with your lips slowly (with or without tongue) and very gently, always moistening your lips with your tongue from time to time.

Navigate her face! You should spend at least 3 minutes on her face. Your hands should not be left hanging but move in sync with your lips. Kiss her as if she is holy and sacred.

WHEN YOU CARESS HER BREASTS make sure not to spoil the rising pleasure by grabbing, kneading and pulling. Avoid her nipples on purpose only circling the perimeter. You should take it lick by lick, softly and gently. The pressure your lips and tongue make on her nipples should not be too strong.

Moreover, it is advised to spend quality time on her nipples, as there is a direct link between a woman’s nipples and her clitoris.

The longer time you spend the sexier she will feel. While using your tongue on her nipple, DO NOT BITE, PULL OR TONGUE IT. The softer you do this, the more turned on she’ll be. You may think that you are being too soft but do not be worried, your efforts will pay off.
The softer you go the more stimulated her clit will be.

Holding back and going all soft on her nipples will create an immerse itch in her clit and all of her sexual organs. Your holding back shows that you are in control and know what you are doing and that is what women want in a man—a man who takes control of her body.

2. The Shocker: shocks is what she’ll receive by the time you apply this deadly move with your tongue on her nether regions.

MOVE DOWN TO HER BELLY WITH YOUR TONGUE trailing hot paths down her belly button. If she still has her panties on then gently brush over her pussy mould. When you do this, only one thing is guaranteed to run through her mind and it is HEAVEN!

Ignore her love-spot and move down to her laps. Kiss her laps the way you would lick off tomato sauce off a chicken lap…slowly…and softly.
You have to tease around the vaginal opening creating enough desire before moving in for the kill…

Resist the temptation of sucking too hard or moving your tongue too deep. At times, lesser is better for women. Just in case you want to, you can slip in the tip of a finger or two as explained in my new book How To Give Any Woman An Earth Shattering Orgasm. Doing just this in the perfect manner can give her an orgasm and it will blow your mind (bearing in mind that she may squirt…also explained in details in the book).

Make sure to avoid getting in too much saliva as it may make her feel uncomfortable with all the slurps. And never feel shy to ask her what part of her love-spot feels best when touched…that is where her clit is located.

In addition, on no account should you ask her to give you a blowjob in return. At least not tonight. It may pause or slow down her rising pleasure, as the attention is no longer on her but you.

And don’t forget to talk sexy/dirty to her during sex.

Phew! That was really long but I guess it’s easier taking time to read it than losing your girl to a real dude!

By now you should know that truly, THERE IS POWER IN YOUR TONGUE!
The wahala problem I have with most guys reading this article is that they always feel like they know what’s up…

Bro, if you insist on carrying on like you don’t have a problem; allowing your babe to fake moans and orgasms, giving you false hope every time you lash her then here’s what to expect: she’ll probably be lashing your best friend days from now and planning on dumping your ass anytime soon.

She’ll tell her girlfriends behind your back how sex is plain boring with you, how you can’t last 5 minutes during sex and how you can’t even make her climax after she gave you fake screams and moans. Next thing you know, she’s asking you to be ‘just friends’ with her while she’s hanging out and texting some other guy.

I know because I was once in your shoes. But that was long before I became who I am today.

Knowing how to lash is quite different from knowing how to give any woman an earth shattering orgasm. I keep repeating this!

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