Today we’re gonna talk about how to increase your sexiness in such a way that every woman you come across will definitely want to have you in her bed.

When was the last time you had sex?
When was the last time you had sex which you didn’t pay for?
When was the last time a woman called you up or sent you a text saying, “I’m horny”?
Do you pleasure yourself all night after watching tons of adult movies?
Then this is the right article for you!

Listen up guys, there is one misconception I’d love to clear before I delve into the topic…it is this—that women don’t like sex as much as men do. This is usually an excuse lazy and incapable men give to justify their sexual loneliness.

Back to the topic…

You need to work on your social and sexual skills in order to get to that level. Ask all the play boys you ever knew…getting women addicted to you in bed isn’t beans at first but it gets easier as you follow the tips below…

I want to expose some unknown secrets you never knew would boost how sexy women see you as soon as you begin to apply them.

You need to make her sexually interested in you in a very crazy way

This has everything to do with the way you talk to her, the way you treat her and the way you carry yourselves. Always remember that women need to have a reason to have sex while men only need to have a place. It’s a totally different mindset.

You have to know how to build up the mood…
How to put in little psychological tricks that makes her see you as sexy…
How to make her emotional and weak with your words…
How to be romantic like hell and not being a sissy at the same time…
How to become an alpha-male!


It’s that simple. I’ve said this a million times in all my posts and I wonder how you guys still miss it!

Have you ever wondered why a girl is always the first one eager to meet after every hot and romantic chat on any social network?
It’s because you’ve built up a sexual tension during the chat.

So, the big question here is:


1. Make sure she reaches a mind blowing orgasm every time you have sex

Fact is, 65-70% of all women fake an orgasm every time they have sex.
If you ever manage to get any woman in bed with you, you should make it count or you would be killing your chances at scoring any other time.

I’ve lost count of how many times in the past where a girl would not visit me again after the first time in bed with her.

If this happens to you and you don’t know why, the sole reason is REGRETS.

Let me explain…

If a girl sleeps with you and you go all fast and furious on her thinking that the animalistic sex you just watched on a porn video appeals to women and you don’t make her climax she will definitely feel unfulfilled, unsatisfied and frustrated. All this leads her to start thinking how on earth she ended up in bed with you.
She will feel used even if the sex was consensual.

All these thoughts lead to REGRETS which will make her defenses high whenever you make a move for sex next time.

When next you make love to a woman, I want you to really take your time to worship her body and make it an experience she will live to remember all of her life.

Kiss, touch and talk to her like she hasn’t been touched before…
Measure your thrusts and control when you ejaculate…
And love her like she’s a sacred goddess…
I gave a detailed step-by-step guide on how to do that in my eBook How To Give Any Woman An Earth Shattering Orgasms.

2. Be Romantic:
When I say romance, I don’t mean send her recharge cards every month for her data subscription or give her your debit card pin every time she ask. That’s not romance, it’s being a pushover. In short, she’s terrorising your finances!

It’s about really looking past her cleavage and seeing something past her body and letting her know that you love who she is as a person. It’s about paying attention when she talks and having the imagination to spot opportunities to drop perfect compliments at the right moment.

Let her catch you staring at her in a very suggestive manner and drag your eyes slowly away with a slight smile.

Don’t just say you love her hair, she hears it every day; be specific!
Tell her you love the way it looks when she ties it in a knot…

Don’t say you love her body, she has heard that a thousand times too!
Choose a particular part—“your eyes are amazingly bright today”. Talk about the eyes like it’s something you’ve never seen for a while before dropping the topic. She’ll DEFINITELY pull out her face mirror to check out her eyes when she leaves.

Little things like leaving a short romantic note in her purse, giving her a massage (even if you don’t know how to) whenever she has stomach cramps. Call her up one day asking for directions on how to prepare a certain dish. If she loves Bollywood movies, get a new movie of her favorite actors and invite her over.

Being romantic builds up the sensual tension and makes your memory stick in her mind.

3. Get a life:
Success is an aphrodisiac. Don’t spend all of your time trying to please her.
Yes! You heard me right.

Be successful in something other than lazying around.  Get something going on in your life. Have a passion and flaunt it! It’s infectious and very seductive when someone talks about their passions.

You’re a man. We are natural hustlers. Get busy doing something (no matter what) and be scarce a little. Women are always drawn to a man with a purpose.

If you want her to lust after you like crazy then you have to learn how to make yourself scarce by engaging in something and ignoring her for a while. Ignore her pings and miss her calls on purpose. Return them later with an excuse that you were working. It’s a killer move!

The truth is that women are expensive—you’re either spending your time, energy or you’re spending your money.

Finally, becoming a man any woman would wanna lash is what I’m about.
On how to get my eBook How To Give Any Woman An Earth Shattering Orgasms check our sales page or send me a mail.
You need to stop masturbating and GET THAT GIRL NOW!!!

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