FOR LADIES ONLY! How To Get Your Man To Last Longer In Bed.

FOR LADIES ONLY! How To Get Your Man To Last Longer In Bed.

Do you have a man who doesn’t last more than 3 minutes in bed?

Do you have a man whose major problem is premature ejaculation (PE)?

Do you have a man who thinks he’s so good in bed but really isn’t?

Imagine how good your life would be if all your sexual fantasies were to come alive and be fulfilled…
Imagine how good your life will be if you could get your man not just to last longer but to give you mind blowing orgasms every time you get into bed to make love…
Imagine a life where you are free of all sexual frustration because you no longer have to fake an orgasm or pleasure yourself afterwards…

You know as well as I do, that almost all men never notice it when you fake an orgasm to make him feel good, so, you’ve been faking it since you met him at the expense of your satisfaction.

He may not know you fake it in bed
He may not know he isn’t that good in bed
He may not even know that he lasts just two minutes in bed because men always have a way of blowing up their sexual effectiveness. We like to think of ourselves as the Koko master.
The big problem here is that men don’t know this and women (our babes) never tell us to our face that we do not know how to lash them the way they really want because, as usual, women are more sensitive and won’t want to kill our ego.

Ok, what do you as a woman do in such situation…

How do you get your man to last longer than two minutes in bed?
It’s simple…at least for those who follow my posts.
Now pay attention especially if you haven’t had sex for the first because it is in such discussions that you understand how to overcome such problems whenever they hit you in the future.
The Sex may be pleasing at first but will definitely lose its pleasure if you rarely reach an orgasm like your man does every night. This leads to a situation I call Sexual Frustration…which I talked about in my eBook; it is the major cause of all those irritation you get about every small and irrelevant stuff.
This is the major cause of breakups and divorces…
Okay, if you’re a man reading this post, imagine sleeping for a week with your babe/wife, you get sexually intimidate but she never lets you come. Imagine how devastating it will be if this happens for a month. Imagine how your life would be? That’s the same way it is for women when you don’t make them climax during sex.

Now, lets get down to the solution…

1. Get him to drop some unhealthy lifestyles: get him to quit smoking, drinking and junks. Get him to hit the gym, and eat healthy. In my eBook, I listed so many natural foods that we don’t even know helps a man increase his sexual stamina and libido.
2. Get to blow him off before the main event: every man knows that it takes longer to come a second time during sex if he has already gone one round. When you’re in bed with him, give him orals, hand-jobs, anything apart from the real intercourse just to make him come for the first time.

Then, when he’s flaccid, you guys should go into smooching and caressing again, this is the time you take to get not just him but yourself aroused again. In the next 5-10 minutes he should be up and strong again and he tends to last longer then.
3. Never allow him to start with the Missionary style: whenever a man start in this position, it makes him to come faster than usual because pressure is being applied to his groin and bladder. You can start from any other position like the doggy or wheel barrow but not missionary.

4. Change your style:
you must make sure to never maintain a particular sexual postion with him for more than 1½ minutes if you want him to last longer. The aim of this is that you break the flow every now and then.
REMEMBER, if you let him have his way and lash you nonstop like he always does, you’ll never get him to last longer in bed. You have to take control.

Get him to change positions. You guys are in bed, and he’s going too fast, slow him down. Change the position and let him start all over again. Stop. Go into caressing. Repeat the cycle all over again just like that. The point here is not to tease him but to put a wedge to the premature sexual pressure which increases with increase in stimulation.

When you must have changed positions for like four or five times, you find out that you guys have spent close to 20 or 30 minutes in bed and he’s not even close to coming yet.
I want you to know that it is possible to live a sexually fulfilled life.
It is possible to take control of sexual events in bed.
Your man mustn’t always be the pilot. This is not something that fasting and praying will not do for you. It is not something faking an orgasm will do for you.

IT IS EASY. All you need is a little coaching.

Most times, you wonder why there are so many troubles in your once romantic relationships. The reason is an unfulfilling sex-life. Sex is usually under-rated, it is not emphasized on enough. Porn circulation has messed up our minds and we all have a wrong conception about how to lash.
No matter how bad your sex-life is, you can still turn it around only if you follow my lead.
It is possible for your man to last more than 5 minutes in bed all you have to do is take real cognizance of the facts that I’ve laid down here.

This are simple tricks I use and it’s been working for me.

Apart from medical sprays, some special types of condoms and sex-pills like Viagra, Tramadol and the rest…which obviously have serious effects on your health like I explained in my previous posts, if you want to lash like a stud you need to get informed.
Visit my site. Information is knowledge. Get this book, How To Give Any Woman An Earth Shattering Orgasm.

If you don’t have this book, you’re doing your sexual life more harm than good. Devour it. Read it every day like you read your Bible. Practice it. Because getting and reading it alone won’t be enough.

We have lots and lots of free bonuses we’re giving out to help men and women become better lovers. I help because I’ve been in worse sexual situations and trust me it was worse than what most of you pass through. Now, we’re better lovers, we have a wonderful relationship and we’re telling you what works and what doesn’t work and how to do these things the right way.

To get my eBook and for the free Bonuses send a message to Kenny via WhatsApp on 09050047973 (8am-6pm)

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