The Shocking Secret Why 85% Of Men Will Have Erection Problems And How To Avoid It.

  A WEAK ERECTION is a big symptom of IMPOTENCY in men. Do not ignore it. Read on to learn the simple tricks 

any man can use to BOOST his sexual health INSTANTLY   In less than 3 minutes, I will show you one easy TRICK any

man can use to BOOST his sexual efficiency in bed.   What I will show you right now are hidden TRUTHS that doctors and

big pharmacy companies don’t want you to know about your erection and sexual health…

  • Secrets that will SPARK UP any man’s energy in and out of bed.       
  • Secrets that will INSTANTLY BOOST the rate of blood flow to your entire body.    
  • Secrets that will give you a ROCK-HARD erection in bed.
  • The type of erection that strains and stretches your boxer pants. 


There is 1 major thing that helps a man to have and maintain a good erection in bed—BLOOD FLOW

Yes. If the rate of blood flow to a man’s genitals is reduced or cut-off, his erection will DIE.

He then finds it hard to have a good erection in bed And he starts to lose interest in sex gradually.  

The blood of any healthy man regardless of his age should contain a high percentage of some nutrients for his


With the right rate of blood flow, his body can easily supply the hormone called Testosterone effectively. The Testosterone goes on to power his manhood and sexual urge when he is with a woman and sexually stimulated.

As we speak, exactly 85% of all men are constantly losing their ability to achieve and maintain strong erections in bed.

And you can avoid this disaster by taking the right preventive steps now.

Two weeks ago, a woman named Juliet called us from Ikeja and was bitterly complaining about her man’s

inability to maintain an erection in bed during sex.  


She literally told me that her man CANNOT have an erection in bed. Even when the erection comes, it usually falls down again during sex.  

She told me specifically that the only reason she hasn’t left the man was because she doesn’t want a divorce. She was totally frustrated.  

Now this is bad, bro. Your woman should not be complaining about your inability to SATISFY her in the bedroom especially when you can do something about it.  

Have you ever wondered why some men CANNOT have a steady erection no matter how hard he tries?

Have you ever wondered how Porn Actors manage to last so long on Tv?

Or have you ever wished you can get BIGGER, HARDER, VEIN-BULGING erections in less than 15 seconds when you are in bed?

The answer to these questions is YES.

Testosterone plays a very important role in a man’s entire sexual health. 

After Juliet called us, we promised to give her an INSTANT solution to her man’s problem. That was when we called up Dr. Anaka and he prescribed 2 SUPER Forever Living Product supplements for her man.  


And guess what?

These supplements worked like magic! Because it contains nutrients that will FIRE-UP a man’s sexual drive and INCREASE the rate of blood flow to his erection.

It contains 3 of the world’s most effective Super Herbs—Chinese Ginseng, Chia and Gingko  

These 3 Super Herbs contains nutrients that have been proven scientifically to enhance a man’s sexual abilities in bed.

I couldn’t believe my ears at first when Juliet called me just one week after getting the Supplements to tell me her man’s erection was getting stronger and that it now lasts longer.  


I did not understand how an ordinary food supplement can help a man’s erection to get bigger or harder.  

So, I decided to take the supplements myself. I wanted to know for sure how it works.

And in less than a week of taking the drugs, my erections came in less than 5 seconds whenever I need it.  

Man, you should have seen how HARD & ERECT my dick was. The erections came more often too…   ·    

  • I had HARDER ERECTIONS without much stress
  • The sex was better and
  • It also helped me last longer in bed



 3 Guaranteed Benefits of Ginseng-Chia and Gingko plus:

  • Benefit #1 -Increase of blood flow to a man’s body and his erections
  • Benefit #2 -Helps a man get a stronger erection easier no matter his age
  • Benefit #3 -Gives a man the power and stamina to stay longer in bed


A Supplement is medically considered as food. Just like Multi-Vits.

The difference between a food supplement and a sex-enhancing drug like Viagra is that Supplements are work on the root of the problem unlike Viagra that gives you an erection without working on the main cause.  

Blood flow and Testosterone plays a big role in a man’s sex-life.  


Poor Blood Flow + Low Testosterone = Weak Erection

High Blood Flow + High Testosterone = Strong Erection  


Listen bro, even if you don’t learn any other thing this year at least I want you to know that sex pills like Tramadol and

Viagra will NOT cure your Erectile Dysfunction.  

I even had to recommend it to another friend, Oscar…read what he thinks about it below.


Testimony from Oscar

“…I felt entirely good about myself. I have an erection anytime I want it without taking so much time"

Another Testimony  from Ifeanyi

“…my thing now comes up and stay up longer than before.

One thing I love about it is that it a food supplement. So, it's healthy too.”

Now, these are just a few of the men who have tested the instant results of these Supplements.  

I know by now the only question running through your mind now is….  


What is this amazing supplement that can give a man a HARDER erection in less than 15 seconds when he wants it?  


The solution is a simple one. It is a dietary supplement from Forever, USA.  


 I call them the “Double Action”  

I don’t know if you are aware that supplements are medically considered as food?

They aren’t considered drugs because it contains some of the basic nutrients a man needs but does not get from his food.  

Now, these supplements will work for any man who has:

  • Erection problems
  • Loss of hardness of erection during sex or
  • Premature ejaculation


  • Asian Ginseng known as the sexual Herb of Asia.It also has an amazing effect on your blood flow ·      
  • Chia, which is effective in energizing you ·      
  • And Gingko which is used to treat Impotency in men


Listen bro, this simple supplements will change your sex life positively.
It will give you:
  • Enhanced blood flow to your organs
  • Hot massive erections that comes in seconds
  • Longer stamina for action like a Man in bed


  • Remember: Tramadol and Viagra were not originally created for sexual inefficiency.

We only abuse it when we use it for sex.   It's just a drug whose side effects include instant erections and numbness.

What your doctor does not tell you is that most sex drugs were not originated created to give you an erection. So, it kills you slowly too.   Avoid taking those harmful sex pills, bro.

Take supplements instead or eat good food (this may take a while though) Take Double Action and say ‘goodbye’ to all your erection and quick ejaculation problems.

  ‘Double Action’ Supplement will do 2 things for you…

  • Give you the perfect blood flow and hence your erection quality.
  • Maximum Lasting Stamina like a Porn star in bed.  


The ‘Double Action’ Supplement is simply amazing. But as usual, I will also tell you the DISADVANTAGES too…  

  • This supplement is not for men who are Hypertensive ·      
  • Not for nursing or pregnant women and ·      
  • Not for men who cannot take a decision like a man.  

In as much as I want this supplement to get to many men as possible, I can’t. the reason is that we have just 11 cans of the ‘Double Action’ supplement.  

We’ve placed an order for more but importation is harder now. So there are no guarantees that we’ll have more after this.  


So, How Much Is The ‘Double Action’

Super Supplements?


This supplement is not going to be cheap. But it won’t be too costly either.
All the cheap supplements I came across all lacked Gingko or Chia. And most of them may be fakes.
And you and I know that health is better than wealth.
Now, if you order for this Supplement and order for the Double Action supplement now before the 11 cans are finished, you will get lots of free bonuses.  


  • FREE BONUSES: BONUS #1: How To Last Long In Bed eBook  [original value = 7500]
  • BONUS #2: How To Last Long In Bed audio book  [original value = 2000]
  • BONUS #3: The Massive Erection Juice Formula  [original value = 2500]



These free bonuses are valued at more than 12,000 Naira.  

The How to Last Long in Bed eBook & audio will show you simple tricks that will give you increased stamina and strength to last longer in bed naturally even without taking the Double Action supplement.  

The Massive Erection Juice formula shows you the specific fruits, vegetables and foods you can use to prepare a juice that will BOOST both your erection quality and the amount of your ejaculations.   But you’ll be getting them for FREE. FOR DASH….

if you order the Double Action Supplements now.  Not just that, you’ll be getting the Double Action Supplements at a 29% discount.  

The original value of the Double Action Supplements is #39,000 naira But you’ll get it for a good discount.

The slash in price is so that more men can access it.   If you invest in the Double Action supplements now, you will even get a further #2000 naira discount  

24,500 naira (if you pay before delivery)

26,000 naira (if you pay cash on delivery)  


The offer is open for just 11 men.

Stop wasting time. Stop listening to the lazy part of you that says “leave it till tomorrow”  

Remember: Erectile Dysfunction/Problems will make you depressed, and completely ruin your life if you don’t Act Now.  

Now, just in case you have any doubts that the Double Action Supplement might not work for you because in the past  you have spent money on solutions that didn’t work.  

I want you to know that you have my 100% satisfaction Guarantee.

What this means is that if for any reason you are not happy with the Double Action Supplements just ask for your money back within 60 days of purchase.  



 You can make a cash deposit or transfer into our bank account

First Bank of Nigeria


Account Name:  

Then, send a picture of the teller or transfer page to our Sales Team on 09050047973 on WhatsApp.

Also send your name, phone number and the house address you want us to deliver it to in a text message to 08032133222 Or send a mail to

And it will take about 2 to 5 working days to deliver.  

NOTE: Premature Ejaculation & Erection Problems can RUIN your reputation as a Man. It can cause something worse like IMPOTENCY.

You can avoid this earlier if you take Action now like a Man.  

Offer ends as soon as we get 11 men only.




Make a cash deposit or transfer into our bank account

First Bank of Nigeria


Account Name:    

I wish you better sex life and a Massive Erection in bed. Let’s talk later.  



Brian Ike Sex Coach.      


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will I take it before I see results when I use the Double Action Supplements? Answer: to be honest with you the answer to this question is “it depends”   If you just noticed the Erectile Dysfunction thing recently and you are 30 years old then you will see results in a few days or a week.   If you are older, and you’ve been fighting Erectile problems for a while then it may take more than a week before you notice changes.   But whatever your age is and how long you’ve been having the the Double Action Supplements can reverse it


  • How do I receive the Double Action Supplements after making an order? Answer: it will delivered to your address which you will send to 08032133222 in a text message. It usually takes about 2 to 5 working days to deliver.  


  •   I'm in my late 60’s. Can I expect the Double Action Supplements to work for me? Answer: Yes, it will. It may take longer time though. 2 to 3 weeks.  


  •  What is the dosage: Answer: one or two tablets a day will do  


  •  How am I sure this is not a scam? Answer: It's not. We’ve been featured by top websites like Punchng, Linda Ikeji’s blog and Vanguardngr. Besides, I have my face splattered all over the internet. Search ‘Brian Ike’ on Google.  


  • What happens if I don’t get the parcel in 2 to 5 working days? Answer: it hardly happens but call Kenny on 08032133222  


  • Is the Double Action Supplements good for everyone? Answer: it's good for everyone apart from people with Hypertension  


  • What happens if it doesn’t work for me? Answer: just ask for your refund and return the remainder.  


  • How do I download the free eBooks and video bonuses? Answer: once we confirm your payment we will send you a download link for you to download and read the eBook on your phone or laptop.  


  •   Does it give an instant erection?Answer: No. it doesn’t. It helps blood flow to be better in your body. So that whenever you need the erection it will come without stress. In less than 3 seconds, instantly.   You deserve to enjoy sex again. You deserve to enjoy the hardest, longer lasting erection you’ve had. You deserve to experience huge and powerful ejaculations.   You need to show your woman the kind of MAN you are inside the ‘Other Room’ You need to get the Double Action Supplements now before we run out of stocks like the Xtreme Last Long Gel.                           

Act now. Act like a Man. Take this offer before it ends.


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