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Are you looking for sound sex advice or a sex-coach/sexducator?

Or you want to improve your sex-life so you can truly have an orgasmic and fulfilling sex?

I can help.

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Lashgator features free resources to help improve your sex-life so you can make your spouse hooked to your love-making and come back for more, like:

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Brian is an irrelevant sex-coach and advisor. I’ve never called myself a dating expert. Let alone a guru. I wouldn’t dare to. Instead, I show you what I know that works in bed and how those things can help you too on my blog.

I’m on a mission to stamp out all sexual problems (the much we can) and to add flavor to boring unsatisfying sex-lives.

After going through a crashed relationship twice, Brian now helps men and women get through the stormy times of their sex-lives which is the underlying cause of almost all breakups.

He has read tons of books on sex and sexuality, attended various classes, and now summarizes these years of knowledge in his teachings and books.
Of course, he is in a lovely relationship with a lovely cutie named Chika

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