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I’d like you to know that there are exactly 3 types of men viewing this particular page this very moment:

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Before we dive in, let me sound a friendly note WARNING to you:

Please, DO NOT use the information you get in this article (or in the 30 Days Of Amazing Sex) on any woman you aren’t interested in having a long-term relationship with because:

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It may be fun from outside when you see women running after a particular man… but trust me, it gets extremely annoying at times.
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Become The DOMINANT MAN Your Woman Secretly Craves In The Bedroom?

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Listen, bro... If you’re NOT already sold on the idea of giving your woman sex so good it SOAKS HER PANTIES every time she THINKS about you… then don’t bother grabbing a copy of the 30 Days Of Amazing Sex.

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HOT NEW Book Reveals: The 5 Secrets To Getting Woman Addicted to You In Bed

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you...30 Different Ways To Bang Your Woman And GIve Her The BESTSEX of Her Adult-Life

  • How to control and sexually manipulate the BIGGEST sex organ of any woman on earth—HER MIND using 3 simple steps.
  • The 5 Major Orgasms you can give your woman in bed even if you’ve been with her for 35 years and sex is no longer as interesting as it used to be
  • The secret tip when used can activate and trigger the most desired orgasm any woman can ever experience with a man in bed using nothing but your fingertips—a.k.a Orgasms (also known as the Big 'O’)
  • 27 simple and effective techniques that you can use to dominate your woman in the bedroom – she’ll LOVE every single one of them
  • How to get your woman to willingly want to do ANYTHING you want in bed…including all your dark dirty sensual fantasies (blowjobs, bondage & dominace, spanking, anal sex)
  • The Top Easiest Ways to bring out the hidden sexual emotions in any woman whenever she thinks of you. Use this to get her rapidly WET even before action.

We all know that women hardly say what they want in bed.

It’s a known fact that women don’t even know what they want in bed.
Women naturally expect you—the Man to lead her and bring out her deepest sexual wants and desires in bed.

Now, it doesn’t end there.
She also expected you to SATISFY her not just in one way but in lots of different stimulating way according to the repressed sexual wants she has kept inside for too long.

Now, here is the UGLY TRUTH most men are afraid to admit: most men have no frecking idea what women want in bed.

As soon as the heat is on and the clothes, bras and panties are off he only knows one or two ways of banging her—which is spread her legs in the missionary style or bend her over and thrust in and out till he ejaculates.

Psst! Just too BORING!

Most men have NEVER seen a woman squirt in bed before.

Most men have NEVER experienced a woman spilling her feminine juices all over him and drenching the bedsheets with her HOT heavenly juices.

Most men will NEVER know how awesome it feels to have a woman call him a “SEX GOD” after giving her what she truly needs in bed—Multiple Orgams.

He doesn’t even know whether he did a good job on his woman or not.

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You’ll UNLEASH the HIDDEN & REPRESSED sexual beast in your woman when you get hold of the tactics encoded in the pages of this program and you will POSSESS in you the natural ability to GRANT unending Orgasms to any woman who is fortunate enough to be in bed with you!

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For example…most men have a hard time trying to get their women to give them a Blowjob or Oral sex in bed.

This is usually because most men go about it the wrong way.

Listen bro, if you want to get more blowjobs from your woman every night you bang her then you have to stop asking her for it.


You have to stop saying “give me a blowjob” or the worse… “would you give me a blowjob tonight, dear?”
...or any form of such UNMANLY questions.

I understand how horny we can become as men but begging her for any sexual favor, no matter how softly you put it will ALWAYS BACKFIRE!”

Except you have money to give her but I know this is not what you want.

If you want your woman to give you MOUTH-WATERING, DROP-DEAD NASTY BLOW-JOBS then I suggest you do it like this…

First give her a clitoral or nipple orgasm.
Wait for a few seconds. Let her catch her breath, now, smile at her and say this…

“Baby, you looked so HOT & SEXY”
“I like how HARD you came for me”
“You're such a naughty girl”

Tease her.

Use short Dirty Talks like the examples I gave above…then ask her to kneel while you stand. Don’t say a word again. Just guide her hands to your HARD-ON and let her stroke it.

Give her a few seconds to muster up the confidence (if it’s the first time) and she will definitely pick up the clue and instantly take you in her mouth.

You also get to spot more bedroom hacks and tricks to makes it easier for you as a Man to get the best out of your bedroom sessions

In this Program You Will Also Discover...

The 30 Days Of Amazing Sex & Videos is a must-have for all Men.


You also get to uncover powerful orgasm-initiating sex tactics like...

  • Why having sex in the bedroom is NOT always a good idea and dozens of other cool places to f*%k your woman
  • What to do immediately after sex – fail to do this and you’ll be in big trouble (even if the sex was amazing)
  • How to use Post-Orgasm Bonding trick women fall for to make her to want to get even more freaky with you in bed… the great news is that Post Orgasm Bonding only takes 5 minutes and it’s really easy to do
  • The simplest, most ‘fool-proof’ technique for making your woman vaginally orgasmic… once you get the vaginal orgasms working you’ll be able to give her MULTIPLE ORGASMS every time
  • Everything you need to know to turn your woman into a ‘squirter’…and once you get the squirting orgasms working she’ll experience A LOT MORE pleasure when she climaxes
  • How to give her MULTIPLE ORGASMS using your fingers and voice… even a total idiot could give his woman at least 3 orgasmsm in less than 5 minutes using this technique

In fact, once you use my techniques to turn your woman into a ‘squirter’ and start giving her MULTIPLE ORGASMS every time – she’ll think she has hit the ‘sexual jackpot!”

She'll be ADDICTED to your touch...

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Guess what? We’ve barely even started:

Inside this powerful and amazing step-by-step program to having incredible sex with your woman, you’ll also discover:

The secret to making your woman BEG YOU for anal sex… and the crazy thing is… she’ll think it was all her idea.

And Even More…

I also took the time to put together a TRUCK-LOAD of FREE BONUSES for you and other men who take action and order for the the 30 Days Of Amazing Sex now.

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You get to uncover the simplest signs to pay attention to if you want to know when a woman fakes an orgasm in bed…and how to put an end to it. This helps you to:

• Know when she faked an orgasm in bed just to please you and what to do about it.
• Improve on your bedroom skills and become the man she wants you to be
• Rate your performance and be sure that you are an ever-improving ALPHA DOMINANT MAN in your relationship (especially in bed)

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A HOT Ebony model will show you in this video series:

• Sex Positions To Help You Last Longer In Bed
• How To Spank A Woman Sexually The Right Way
• The Best Sex Positions For A Pain-Free Sex (especially if your woman is a virgin)
• The Sex Positions Guaranteed To Kill Your Duration and Stamina
• How To Perfect Way To Stimulate Her Clitoris & G-Spot using Grinding and Thrusting when You Bang Her

• 3 Biggest Stamina-Killing Mistakes Men Make In Bed and How to Avoid Them
• 5 Hot-Spots On A Woman’s Body You Should Pay Attention To If You Want To

Accelerate Her Orgasms in less than 7 Minutes….and lots more

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As the name suggests, the Massive Erection Juice Formula (MEJ) video CD guide contains an easy to make home-made juice that you can prepare yourself. Benefits of taking the MEJ includes:

• A natural HARD-ROCK vein-bulging erection any woman would be delighted to have inside her.
• Re-vitalizes and internally FIRES-UP your erection causing hormone—Testosterone as a Man.
• Gives you 27 basic natural nutrients that relaxes your veins and gives you a natural sexual stamina that is proven to add an extra 15 minutes to your sex duration.
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If you are a man looking for more sex, hotter sex and even having your woman beg you for sex — get your ego out of the way and listen to Brian Ike

Evans O.A
Evans O.A Enugu, Nigeria

As a woman, I wholeheartedly confirm that Brian Ike's advice on how to please your woman is spot on. He teaches the truth about what we really want, and how you – as a man – can deliver it.

Grace P.I
Grace P.I Lagos, Nigeria

My relationship went from very little sex to full time enjoyable sex with my girl. I’ll warn you now though: You better want lots of amazing sex… Because once you start using Brian's stuff…your sex life is going to blow your mind

Andrew Freetown, S.A

Brian showed me how to really get things going with my fiancee after the relationship was almost dead without passion. And his natural remedies to bedroom issues are simply brilliant. I wish I had met him years ago.

Kunle, N. Abimbola
Kunle, N. Abimbola Queens, U.S.A

Brian helped me to improve my relationship with my girlfriend. We went from having virtually no sex – because she wasn’t interested – to doing it most days.

Andrew West London, U.K