9 Mistakes Guys Make With Condoms And How To Avoid Them

9 Mistakes Guys Make With Condoms And How To Avoid Them

Today we’re gonna talk about the world’s most popular contraceptive- condoms (a.k.a CDs or rubbers).

I was going through a mail the other day by a client and he was complaining that his girlfriend took in after spending the night with him. The problem now is that he said he used protection (a condom) and it didn’t burst or leak during sex.

The problem here is definitely not infidelity as many of you may think but that the guy in question may have used the rubber in a wrong way. In our anxiety and sexual euphoria, we (men) tend to forget every other thing including our names as we focus entirely on the girl which at that moment will seem as the most important task in the world.

In this state of confusion, we tend to make all kinds of mistake ranging from marriage promises to ignoring simple sexual precautions. Most times, we don’t even believe the girl when she reminds of what we promised them in bed. It’s that bad!
I once promised a girl in bed that I’ll pay her tuition fee till she graduates back when I was in school. Can you beat that! And yes, I didn’t even remember talking while I was in bed with her.

If by any chance you want to have sex (well, which man doesn’t?) please make sure to use a rubber and use it properly. It could save your future, it could save your life; and if you use a rubber in any of the ways listed below then be ready for Junior nine months afterwards.

1. Wrong storage: storing a CD in a wallet or your back-pockets will cause it to wear out as you always put pressure on it anytime you sit down. And whenever you use the same CD for sex, it may burst with the slightest friction.

2. Expiry dates: most guys don’t even know a CD expires. They hurriedly order and pay for the CD and smuggle it into their pockets like it was contraband. Next time you wanna purchase one always check the date of expiration to avoid stories that touch nine months later.

3. Using your teeth or a scissors: if you open the condom hurriedly with your teeth or a scissors, there is every chance that you may cut into the condom itself. Ths may equally cause unwanted results after sex. Be careful and make sure to tear the pack open the right way.

4. Reusing: really?! The first I heard that some people actually reuse condoms after washing it I almost fainted. I thought it was a myth! For pete’s sake, it is very unhealthy especially to the woman if you reuse a condom. Guys, please save our reputation and stop this jonsing act. You should always have a spare pack or wait till you get one.

5. Wrong insertion: this occurs when you mistakenly try to roll a CD down the other way round (upside down). The problem with this mistake is that you may have left little pre-cum deposits on the tip of the CD when you tried wearing it the wrong way. Using that same CD may get her pregnant as you already have a little semen on it.

6. Wrong handling: during foreplay (which I extensively discussed in my new book How to Give Any Woman an Earth Shattering Orgasm), you may have rubbed your hands over your head (the small one of course) and if you use that same hand in rolling down a CD then you may get semen on it and later when she says “I think I’m pregnant” you’ll have the liver to ask her who is responsible.

7. Wearing after penetration: I don’t understand why anyone will bother wearing a condom after you have gone half way into her. It’s like applying medicine after death. You have to understand that the slightest drop of seminal fluid can not only get her pregnant but give her twins. If you have a CD, then make sure to put it on before penetration.

8. Wrong sizes: I won’t be amazed to find out that most people reading this have no idea that condoms come in different sizes because majority of men go for Gold Circle which always come in one size–the medium size. I didn’t know either till I bought a different brand. A condom should not be too tight or too loose on you when you roll it down your erection. If you are flaccid and it’s still very tight on you, then you need a bigger size.

9. Double CDs: this is when a guy wears two CDs at once during sex. Men who pay for sex or have trust issues with their girls usually practice this. The problem with wearing a double CD is that friction is increased and this in turn increases the chances of having a burst CD during sex.

I really don’t think it’s cool or responsible for an adult male to ask a woman whom he recently had carnal knowledge of with clear eyes mutual consent questions like, “are you sure it’s me, because I remembered I used a condom?” after making all the mistake in the book about using a condom. You should know that safety begins with knowing the right way of using a condom in the first place.

It’s really heart-breaking seeing young couples with cases of unwanted pregnancies all because a man was careless about something as simple as using a rubber correctly. Always remember that safety begins with you and ignorance is not an excuse to give someone’s daughter belle jeopardize your future.

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