6 Ways Sex Can Kill You And How You Can Avoid Them

6 Ways Sex Can Kill You And How You Can Avoid Them

Hi, this is Brian; and today we’ll be discussing sex as usual…but this time we’ll be taking about how sex can be very deadly to you and your partner.

First of, this article is meant to be educational as well as informative and not in any way meant to dissuade anyone from being sexually active.

What I’m about to reveal to you in this article will save you years of agony and probably preserve your life if you pay strict attention to it.

Sex is awesome. Sex is incredible and it is life… and it is more than words can explain especially when done right with a bit of romance but do you know that there are ways you can go about having sex that can terminate your life?

Yes, sex can kill you if you make any of the rookie mistakes which I seriously advice my readers against. Sex may be fun and all that but it sure has more than enough problems along with it if you do not go about it the right way.

Below are the five most deadly mistakes people make in bed and how to avoid them:

1. Drug/Aphrodisiac Abuse: in as much as I keep warning guys about the side-effects of some sex-drugs (a.k.a aphrodisiac) they still go about doing the exact opposite of everything I warned them about.
The reason most of guys pop sex enhancing pills is to enable them last longer in bed.

Taking alcohol with any medication is not only frowned upon but is also one of the reasons why you find it hard lasting long in bed. Alcohol kills the libido and changes the chemical composition of any medication once taken alongside the pill.

Alcohol has been known to induce some very drastic reactions in the body when taken with Tramadol. It is deadlier a reaction than when taken with Viagra.

These reactions include: instant heartburns, ulcerated liver and intense vomiting, violent seizures and death eventually if medical help doesn’t come fast.

I know how much you want to lash that girl; how much you want to show her that you’re a stud who can go on for hours in bed. It doesn’t matter what you think. I just want you to know that even a glass of alcohol can kill you when taken with Tramadol.

2. Heart attacks and seizures: people who have a medical history of high blood pressures, strokes, diabetes, and/or any other heart related illness are at a higher risk of dying of a heart attack during sex.

You may have seen headlines online or on the dailies which reads, “man dies during sex”. The major cause of this death is a cardiac failure/arrest. It is exceptional high for men who cheat on their spouses as the thrill and tension is heightened.

This may also be related to sex-enhancers which also increases the heartbeat. So, in general, people with a prevailing heart condition should take it easy while in bed with their partners.

So many have died as a result of sexual sweetness—actors, celebrities, world leaders and even a certain Pope. So, lash with caution if you have a heart condition.

3. Autoerotic death: this is death caused by accidents during sexual self-stimulation when an equipment used to enhance the sexual pleasure causes death.

This includes autoerotic asphyxia (which is when one dies of suffocation while using bags, duct tapes), electrocution, foreign body insertion [oversized dildos, knives (yes! There are freaks out there), cucumbers etc], use of chemicals (nitrous oxide, amyl nitrite).

Male victims are much more likely to use a variety of unconventional devices ranging from knives to fire-making equipment to applying shocks to sharp unhygienic tools during autoerotic sex than females.
If you indulge in any of these forms of fetish or autoerotic behaviors please make sure to keep a second person close by for emergencies, example—your death!

4. Latex allergies: have you ever been with a girl in bed and when the action is about to begin and you slip out a condom pack she tells you that she doesn’t like her guys using a rubber on them? Well, she may not have the intentions to make you a father as you may think. She may be being cautious.

I have been in that situation and I was utterly confused as to why any sane person who isn’t married to me would want to have unprotected sex. It was weeks later that I found out the reason—latex allergy.

Some girls have skins which are sensitive and allergic to latex (which is the kind of rubber used in making condoms and some female contraceptives).

People can become sensitive to latex as a result of direct contact with rubber products.

If you wear a latex condom during sex with a partner who is allergic to it various reactions may occur depending on how sensitive such person is to latex, they are: reddish rash and cracked blisters, a drop in blood pressure (for severe cases), increase in pulse and difficulty in breathing, tissue swelling.
Without immediate medical response, it could lead to unconsciousness and, rarely, death.

If you are latex-sensitive please avoid latex-condoms and go for other types.

5. Penis captivus: this is the exact problem a reader asked me of in a mail last week, even after reading my eBook How To Give Any Woman An Earth Shattering Orgasm and devouring all of the myths and facts about sex I covered in the second chapter, so, I decided it has to make the list.

In Africa, there is this common superstitious belief that a woman can be made inseparable from her male lover if she ever has an extra-marital affair. This is believed to be a form of black magic/voodoo or jazz procured by the suspecting husband to catch his wife pants down.

It is also known as magun in Yoruba land which literally means ‘don’t climb’. The spell is meant to cause harm to both partners.

It’s funny though how we still believe in such stories. But the fact remains that there is a rare occurrence during lashing/intercourse when the muscles of the vagina clamps down on the penis much firmer than usual and makes it impossible for the man to withdraw and it is called Penis captivus (nice name).

If you ever find out during sex that your J.T is held captive and you can’t seem to withdraw, please I beg you in the name of whatever god you believe in, DO NOT PANIC or in your anxiety harm the clueless girl who probably doesn’t even know her nether regions possess such capabilities. DO NOT FORCE IT! You will only end up causing pain to your J.T and her Va-jay-jay.

The only known remedy is patience. The vaginal muscles will take within 10-15minutes to relax after such contractions which is actually a sign that you lashed her well.

There have been cases where the female partners where physically mutilated by their male lovers all in a haste to escape the danger of magun, the Yoruba jazz.

6. There are a thousand and one other fatal mistakes lovers make in bed but the DEADLIEST IS NOT GETTING A COPY OF THE Ebook—How To Give Any Woman An Earth Shattering Orgasm.

In the book I went into perfect details in laying out various other ways sex can be beneficial and deadly to you.
In short, if you are sexually active and you are ignorant of some of the tips I just mentioned above, then you’re doing yourself more harm than good. You need to stop whatever it is you are doing now and order for your copy of the eBook.

In the book, I exposed various world-wide myths, lies and superstitions surrounding sex; I gave a first-of-it’s-kind solution to pre-mature expulsion and how to touch a girl into a frenzy without ever having to take any sex enhancing pill.

I poured out secrets of how you can guide your man into giving you the best time of your life in bed even if it is your first time.
How to get her to do anything you want in bed without having to sound like a pervert.
How to unleash the bad-girl in her and explore all her fantasies….

Moreover, I showed unknown secrets of how to keep your partners faithful to you and how to become a better lover…
Imagine what life would be like for you and your partner if you could last more than 15 minutes in bed without taking all those good for nothing pills…
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Imagine having someone lay out a step-by-step approach to keeping your marriage/relationship stable by doing the right things in bed…
Imagine getting your partner addicted to your kisses, your touches, your lovemaking irrespective of your size…

You don’t need Tramadol, alcohol, Viagra, Spanish Fly or whatever it is you use to become a god in bed…
All you need is a little direction on How To Give Any Woman An Earth Shattering Orgasm.

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  1. The Magun part really got me thinking…science is quite enlightening. Come to think of the fact that people live in fear of such things due to wrong conceptions

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