3 Fabulous Tricks On How To Make A Woman Squirt in Bed


There is nothing more attractive in bed for a guy than a girl who can have POWERFUL EJACULATIONS. Pay close ATTENTION to tip number 3, that’s my personal best.

Okay guys, let’s face the truth—most of the guys reading this have NEVER seen a girl squirt/ejaculate except in adult movies.

It’s almost a myth.

You’ve heard of girls squirting their FEMININE JUICES all over their partners in bed but you’re yet to experience it.

I mean, you’re so engrossed in lashing the girl that the last thing on your mind is getting her to squirt. Who has that time? Who even remembers it in bed?

Well, I hate to be the one to disappoint you but honestly, you need to step up your game in bed and learn how to make any woman addicted to you by learning how to make them squirt like a water fountain.

It’s not like it’s the easiest thing to do in bed but if you follow the SIMPLE TIPS I’m about to unload to you religiously whenever you’re in bed with her then you’ll be TRANSFORMED into a SEX MAGNET.

The experience will ALWAYS remain in her mind. She’ll tell her close friends about how good you are and she’ll ALWAYS want a repeat of that, hence she’s already hooked to your lovemaking skills without even knowing it. This happens because most girls rarely get a SQUIRTING ORGASM from their men.

Learning these skills will not only make you a better lover but it will make your woman think of you and only you. The emotions this one sexual experience of squirting will unleash in her is not one you should underestimate.

Like I said, if you abuse these tips, you may get the wrong kinda girls addicted to you in bed!

Okay, I know that you really want that girl to never forget the experience you give her when you lash her.

I know you want your dick to be the only thing she ever thinks of even weeks after you lashed her. But there is a better way of achieving this than taking Tramadol or alcohol and lashing the girl forever while causing her intense pain and making her avoid your bedroom entirely for the rest of her life.

The aim of learning how to make a girl SQUIRT is to get her to voluntarily and subconsciously come back for more of you everyday of her life!



For a woman, having a squirting orgasm can be the most powerful and intense orgasm she’ll ever have and most dudes are too lazy to bother. So, I applaud you for searching out this information.

You’re already halfway to becoming the BEST MAN she has ever had in bed. Keep reading…

1. PREP UP YOUR PLACE… if the girl is coming to your place, then you have to tidy up your bedroom.

clean bedroom

Clean your bathroom, clear the kitchen sink of dirty plates; also change your bedsheets, I know how hard this is but no girl will EVER SQUIRT in your place if she isn’t comfortable with the slightest thing like the stench coming from your bedsheet.

It boils down to how relaxed you make her feel. Because a woman will NEVER SQUIRT if she doesn’t feel COMPLETELY free to give in to you and SEXUALLY SURRENDER herself to you.

Air your room before she arrives and a little air freshener will do.

Make sure your room has a bulb with dim lightening because women are ALWAYS conscious of their body. A bright light will make her insecure especially when she thinks of the fact that you’ll be exploring her body with your eyes.

Make sure to have your bath. It’s also very seductive to do it after she arrives. Tell her you wanna go take your bath, make her feel at home while you enter the bathroom. When you’re done, come out of the bathroom with just towel on and let her have a sneak-peek.

This will definitely send sexual thoughts across to her. Don’t just make it too obvious.

Cut your nails short. You wouldn’t want to hurt her when going in with your fingers. If you know what I mean?!

2. Warm her up for the event… Listen bro, our problem is impatience. We are always in a hurry to get a girl outta her panties as soon as her back hits our bed.

We were never taught what to do!

We had to learn from our limited bedroom skills on our own…
Most of us learn from friends, from bad romance movies…
Or even worse, from porn…

Now that’s where it all goes wrong. Because we forget the porn stars get paid to do what they do. It’s all acting.

To warm her up to the event, you should start with a SENSUAL MASSAGE. This is very essential.

Use special essential oils not olive oil (it is too heavy and smells funny). In the absence of essential oils, you can use a powder (Talc or Menthol). A good massage will ALWAYS leave any woman WET and SEXUALLY AROUSED.

Touch and tease her erogenous zones. Let her lie on her back. Spread her knees. Put a pillow below her bottom to prop her up a bit.

Make sure you let her empty her bladder before the massage starts. Get her to use the bathroom. Peeing beforehand will relax her hips and make it easier for her to tell when the peeing sensation that comes with squirting starts.

It will help to ask her if she has ever squirted before. But do not tell her that you’re gonna make her squirt, because it puts pressure on her. Also, keep a face towel handy.

You may be thinking, “Why do I have to go through all these stress?” the reason is that you in order to gain access into a woman’s deep and repressed sexuality—like SQURITING, you have to remove all mental blocks in her mind (exactly as I explained in the first chapter of my book How To Give Any Woman An Earth Shattering Orgasm).

Reassure her that you have everything under control like a MAN! Talk sexy/dirty to her. Tell her how hot she is lying in your bed. Tell her how hot and incredibly you’ll make her feel.

Relax her more by sweet talking her a.k.a dirty talking which I also covered in the free eBook that comes along with the book How To Give Any Woman An Earth Shattering Orgasm.

Do not forget to play a very slow and sexy R&B playlist. It does magic to woman. Women listen to every word in each song and then imagine the words are spoken to them by you.

Create a MAGICAL environment!

3. Use enough lube to make her G-SPOT ready…Massage Oil
Getting your lovely lady turned on enough and getting her to squirt is where the MEN are separated from the BOYS. And there’s an entire guide I wrote on how to make a woman orgasm.

Without using a good lubricant, you are bound to fail!

Use either an oil-based or water-based lube. Avoid oil-based lube when using a condom. It damages the latex.

Pay ATTENTION: You need to apply it not only to her clitoris and her vagina but to your fingers and entire palm.

Once she’s wet and oiled up real good. You should start working on her g-spot and clit.

Follow my lead, bro:

  • Use your tongue or the tip of your penis to tease the hell out of her clit.
  • Insert a finger or two couple of minutes later with your palm facing upwards. But, 1 finger will do. Trust me.
  • Do not go in too deep with your fingers; just about 2 inch deep. Make a ‘come here’ sign with your finger inside her and rub the front of her vaginal wall.
  • Insert your middle finger too after a few minutes and try other movements (not just in & out) and different pressures.
  • By now, her g-spot should be located with the ‘come here’ sign you made—a circular peanut-shaped, spongy area.
  • This should take about 10-12 minutes.

By the end, her already swollen Skenes gland and the stimulation of the g-spot will cause her spot to be ballooning inside of her.

4. An extra tip to go… if you notice the signs in the last 2 steps, and if she feels an urge to pee, then you’re right on track to your first ever trip down the squirting lane.

It means she is now ready for the last technique that will make her RELEASE all that feminine JUICES all over!
By the way, when she complains about wanting to pee, just assure her that it’s okay if she lets go there in bed. Tell her it’s not pee and you would love her to cum all over you. It’s called DIRTY TALKING and women find it sexy.

  • So, while you still have 2 fingers inside her, change your position and kneel beside her so that your palm is now covering/cupping her swollen nether region and her clit.
  • Still stroke her g-spot with your fingers. Then begin to pull out slowly while your palm moves up and down her clit stimulating it.
  • Increase the pressure and the movement a little and you can also press into her pubic bone for extra pressure which will help.
  • If you do everything or if you follow the instructions in the eBook as directed, she’ll not be able to hold it anymore and your hands and body will be thoroughly wet from her squirt.

Okay guys, this is the basic info you need to ACTIVATE the SQUIRT mode in every girl and it boils down to 3 things:

First off, there are various ways to get her to SQUIRT. You can do that in 12 minutes or less or you can keep messing up every chance you have with each woman.

Nevertheless, I’ve given you a short summarized version of some of the SECRETS I uncovered in my eBook here. You could either use your penis as I rightly demonstrated in my book or your fingers as shown above.

What next?

Just after you have given your girl an insane squirting ORGASM, which will be one of the BEST moments of your life, she’ll be in complete disarray. Barely able to walk (if you did it right) and emotionally open.

This is a time to stamp your AUTHORITY as a man and a STRONG MASCULINE figure.

So, what do you do?
On no account should you ever ask her for a blow job in return. At least, not yet.

Hold her. Kiss her forehead. Tell her how much it turned you on seeing her SQUIRT and how soft and feminine she looked.

You may even crack a joke on how you thought she was about passing out and almost dialed the hospital emergency number.
Laugh while you make the joke and watch her playfully hit your chest and maybe turn her back on you in an attempt to act angry.

Hold her tight and say sweet nothings into her ears. She should be SWEATY & absolutely pretty now.
OR…you can as well go ahead and give her MULTIPLES of ORGASMS!

ATTENTION: if you haven’t gotten my eBook How to give any woman an earth shattering orgasm, please just follow the steps above and hold her tight after the first orgasm because going on to try a second time will only spoil the already perfect mood. Because her clit will be too sensitive to touch that it may turn her off instantly.

MULTIPLE ORGASMS require specific expert skills & training!

Congrats, son! Because you just learnt how to give any woman a squirting orgasm.

And you’ve also UNLOCKED a beast in her because she’ll keep coming back for more of these kind of orgasms over and over again.

But the ultimate question remains…

Do you want to be a man who only gives his woman one squirting orgasm?

Or do you wanna become a King amongst men, a God in the bedroom?

A man who knows how to give his woman a POWERFUL combination of MULTIPLE ORGASMS (triple and quadruple), CLITORIAL & VAGINAL ORGASMS & SQUIRT ORGASMS all in one simple TRICK?

Do you wanna give her the BEST she’s ever had and have the keys to her heart?

I guess you do… I know that you don’t wanna end up like every other guy in bed—AVERAGE!


Average men get no RESPECT from women in bed. Average men do not get women ADDICTED and COMING BACK to them for more!

AVERAGE men are just AVERAGE! Nothing special!

But if you really want to leave a PERMANENT IMPACT in her life, sexually, then…

You MUST do one thing.

Get the book—How To Give Any Woman An Earth Shattering Orgasm NOW along with the free BONUSES!

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