N.B: What you’re about to learn may make her addicted to you in a way that you may not like! Do not misuse/abuse these tips! Pay close attention to number 3. These tips have helped 1322 men and counting…

So, do you love this girl so much that anytime you see her, your heart races?

Do you have dreams of her in your arms every day and night?

You know that other guys want to meet her but you want to be the person she chooses among all other guys that are hitting on her…

You know deep down that no other guy can give her the kinda love and care you will if only you had her to yourself…

Now, that’s the problem—if only you had her to yourself.

Probably, the last time you told a girl how you felt about her, she started avoiding you and you lost the chance of a lifetime. You don’t want to risk it again, you aren’t sure if she’s going to respond positively or negatively to your proposal.

I understand that feeling and I also know that being straight forward may sound like a nice way of asking a girl out but it’s not perfect.

I also know that not making your move fast enough will even make matters worse as her interest may wear off and you risk falling into the bottomless pit of her friend zone. God forbid such a fate!

So, the ultimate question remains…

How do I make a girl like me without ever having to chyke/woo or ask her out in the first place?

As a guy, you should always avoid asking women out directly. By asking a girl out, you’re putting her in a spot where she has to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. And that is not a good spot to be in.

She may like you as well but may not want to say ‘yes’ to your request just yet. She may have this little feminine thought in her head telling her that giving in too soon will make her look cheap and easy.

So, she’ll definitely say things like, “I’ll think about it” or “let’s just be friends.”

Which is a shortcut to the friend zone

Then, when after few days and she hasn’t replied you, you start bugging her…
You call her every 30 minutes she ignores your call because she already knows what you’re calling for…

When this happens over and over, you naturally get pissed off at her and in your anger you ask her in a more aggressive way to give you a reply.

And as expected, she says ‘NO!’ not because she doesn’t like you but because you put her in a spot where she becomes aware of the power she has over if you can have her love or not.

You are crushed…

You couldn’t believe she said no…

You could swear you had this girl tripping from day one…

Your friends tell you how you effed up by asking her too late…

Others tell you that you went too fast…

The point is you really messed up the whole situation by asking her out directly.

But by warming her up and making her want you first, you’ll be able to not only make her like you but also make her ask you out herself.

Follow my lead as I unleash the secrets I use in getting girls to ask me out first:

1. STAY FRESH & SEXY. Staying clean, fresh and sexy all the time is the first step. You don’t have to be handsome. You don’t have to be rich.

“You don’t even have to be tall, dark and all those crap girls tell you whenever they say what they want in an ideal man. All you need is to stay fresh and sexy.”

A nice haircut, a nice outfit and pair of shoes to match. No big deal!
Smell good, look good. It pays off and you won’t regret it.

Associate yourself with fresh looking friends too. Have a circle of people with a nice sense of fashion. Women pay detailed attention to colors and dressing.

She will notice you even if you do not talk to her. She will also hold you in high esteem because of the type of friends you keep.

This makes the whole process of meeting and talking with her a lot easier. The friends you keep and the way you look will speak volumes on your behalf before you even start.

2. Treat her differently. When a girl feels comfortable around you, you’re a nice guy to her.

When she has a great time with you, you’re definitely a great guy.

When she has a great time with you and also feels butterflies in her tummy anytime she thinks of you or anytime you come around then you’re on your way to becoming her man if you follow these next steps right.

When next you see her with her friend, say Hi, but make sure to pay her a personal compliment just as I explained in my free eBook 101 Ways To Compliment A Girl That Will Set Her Sexually On Fire [read up how to do that here].

Treat her most times like she’s the only girl in the world.

Shake her hands in a different way from how you shake her friends; look at her and let your eyes stay on her few seconds longer than normal.

Touch her hair. Whisper things into her ears. MAKE HER LAUGH. It should be obvious to her friends that you pay more attention to her. Spend quality time with her at first. Get to know her. Thrill her.

The aim here is to pass a message that is subtle. You awaken sensations that she isn’t aware of and put her emotions at work because by treating her specially.

You make her wonder if you’ve got something more than just friends in mind. Why else would you be this nice to her alone.

In essence, I’m saying that you have to be a helpless romantic!

3. Don’t be too nice. Most guys get this part wrong. They try to be a nice guy and I have no problem with it because it’s a good way of getting close to any girl. You just have to be nice to her at first and always.

But if you want to get a girl to like you as a boyfriend, you will have to do more than being nice. You have to move away from the friend zone as the friendship grows. You have to let her know that you’re worth dating.

The SECRET TIP to overcome this is to be a man and act a man.

You mustn’t be all nice every time. Ignore her once in a while…
Let her get confused trying to figure out your moods.

For example, if you plan on going out with her for a movie or something and she comes downstairs looking a bit overdressed, tell her she looks cool but you don’t like it.

Tell her you think she’ll look better with a more casual dress. End by telling her you don’t mind waiting while she changes the cloth.

Show her an unexpected flash of anger. Thrill her this minute and act distant the next. Flirt a little with other girls and let her see you at it. Be unpredictable. Be a bad boy!

NOTE, this will only work if and only if you have spent enough time with her for her to miss you when you act distant.

Finally, keep your mouth shut…

No matter how close and fond of the girl you get, you should always be mute on the subject of love or dating. On no occasion should you profess your love for her because you think the time is ripe.

“Real men don’t go about ranting to girls how much in love they are to them. He’ll rather show the girl how much he loves her by his actions and leave the talking to the girl.”

You know you have gotten to this stage when the girl suddenly start asking you out of the blues questions like, “What exactly do you take us for?” or “What exactly are we doing? Are we dating, just friends or what?” or “Do you love me?”

Now, what do you do? How do you answer this? You know it’s a trick question from the girl right?

Just smile in your mind and reply her with…

Wait a second!

I think this information is too sensitive to be given out on a public forum like this. There are way too many girls reading this and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize all the efforts guys will be putting in… So, to get the big picture, contact me personally.

For the perfect replies to such questions from girls, please contact Brian.


Finally, the girl’s best friend must be won over too. If you want any girl to fall for you, you MUST, I repeat, you MUST make her best female friend like you too. Go against this rule and watch all your efforts go down the drain.

If you think about buying your potential babe a gift (chocolates maybe), make it two packs–one for her and one for her best friend. But not always; you don’t want her to see you as pushing too hard.

Do not underestimate the power of her best friend. If she doesn’t like you, you’re doomed! And dating tips from Casanova himself will do you no good.

The reason for this is that ALL girls have a bestie who knows everything about them including who their heart belongs to. It’s rarely more than one person. Find her out and make her have no option but to love you too.


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